Z’s sins are scarlet but her blogs are ‘read’

Not actually read, I’m afraid.  I’ve given in, marked ‘all read’ and will try to keep up from now on.  I’m sorry, I just couldn’t catch up.

I said a couple of weeks ago that I was going to delete any blogs where I didn’t feel a personal involvement, including those whose writers never commented on mine or acknowledged me – of course, I revisited any blog before I deleted it, and hardly any have gone.  I only read blogs whose writers I like or whose writing I like, so I can’t be selective and decide whether you’re ‘worthy’ of being written by the criterion of you getting around to commenting here.  That would be a bit arrogant of me.

Right, that’s that out of the way.  But transferring to G-Reader from Bloglines meant some duplications and I’ve not been able to sort it out, so I’m starting again.

I spent most of the day at the school, in music lessons.  I am fond of 13-year-olds.  And, at this stage of the school year, they’re all polite and respectful and they thank you for any help!  I’m not cut out to be a teacher, but I like helping voluntarily.   I’m jolly lucky, in fact because the voluntary work that I’m mysteriously compelled to do is, mostly, a pleasure.  There are a couple of things I’d like to ditch and another I rather wish I hadn’t taken on, but no matter.

And now I realise that a couple of emails haven’t yet been sent.  I must go, darlings, because I must write them this evening.

12 comments on “Z’s sins are scarlet but her blogs are ‘read’

  1. Dave

    I seem to read less blogs these days – but mainly because many of those on my blogroll either don’t post anew every day, or have stopped blogging completely.

  2. Z

    Good job we’re reliable, hey Dave?

    It is a very busy time of year for a lot of people, isn’t it? I think of September as the start of the year in some respects, partly because of schools and also because in January we don’t exactly return from a Christmas break refreshed and invigorated.

  3. Z

    I’d never delete a friend, darling, you know me better than that.

    Especially linked with sin, S?

    I deleted a whole lot of rubbish caught by the spam filter, some of it less blatant than that. Random, isn’t it? Sorry, folks.

  4. Eddie 2-Sox

    It’s the “I like your writings, they helped me….” spam I don’t understand. What’s the pay-off for them? Is there any?

    Was going to add something else, but decided against it. Discretion, etc.

  5. Z

    Maybe, in some far-flung land, there are students daft enough to use our ramblings as the basis of their dissertations, Si. Simon the Discreet. Oh, okay.

  6. 63mago

    I found that these “Oh your text is so helpful”-“comments” and others of this kind carry a lot of links in their addresses, not in the text. They may work as hooks for other spam to follow, but I am not sure about this.


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