Pugsley Goes Fourth

Pugsley was really excited and happy about his birthday.  He was at nursery school until after lunch, so we went through in the afternoon with his presents.  He came rushing towards me, arms outstretched … for the parcels – but he did thank me enthusiastically, and he found something very pleased to say about all of them.  While his parents were getting the party food ready, he and I made a Lego helicopter.  He’s extremely good at Lego – needs a little help with the instructions, but the box did say age 5-8; I bought it anyway as I know he’s able to manage it.  We walked to school to fetch Squiffany and then hurried home for the party.

About 18 children, aged from 2 – 5, plus several mums, about 25 of us all told.  Lucky they have a big sitting room.  All were very good and joined in and had fun.  I have spent the evening at their house too, as Al had a governors’ meeting and Dilly was tutoring.

I wanted to copy an article from the newspaper yesterday but found that two colours of ink had run out, and I hadn’t any of one left.  So I got online to order more ink cartridges.  I was very gratified when the order turned up today in the post.  I’d had the paper copied in school, by the way – it was for one of the staff and one of the governors, so it was quite legit (though I did offer to pay).

My bank debit card is due to run out at the end of the month, and it occurred to me last week that I should have had a new one in plenty of time, so I went into the bank on Monday.  The teller cancelled the replacement that had been posted last month (it hasn’t been used, my account is okay) and said I should allow seven working days for the new one to arrive.  It actually arrived this morning.  Can’t get better than that.

After having put off using the PDF rewriter programme as I didn’t feel quite up to the stress of possibly not being able to do it, I found it quite easy after all.  I had to borrow the Sage’s laptop because the programme isn’t for Macs – if I did that more often, I’d have to find a reasonably high table for it.  Bending to see the screen (it’s a large one, but smaller than mine by some way) gave me backache.  Still, good for me to get practice with using it as I have to think my way through the process every time.  Like Weeza, who grumbles every time she has occasion to use my computer as, to her, it’s awkward.

Anyway, what with one thing and another, I’m starting to relax.  I actually could be quite up together with things by the end of the week.  Pity about the weather – we’re almost giving up hope of getting any more wall built before it gets too cold for us fun-lovers to want to bother, but never mind.  It seems that our end-of-wall celebration will have to wait until next year in any case.  The good thing is that we should be able to hold it in the summer rather than the autumn.  You’re all still invited, whenever it happens.  And always welcome to drop in in the meantime, of course.

13 comments on “Pugsley Goes Fourth

  1. Z

    Things do certainly go astray.

    It looks lovely today, Dave. Unfortunately, yesterday some friends rang to say they’re staying in the area and want to visit, so they’re coming over this morning. I’ll ask the Sage if he’s free this afternoon though, if you’re free.

  2. 63mago

    Cake? Oh … I admire Pugsley – I once gave a Lego-kit to a friend’s kid and we played with it, what means that the boy put the thing together and explained it to me while I watched in awe.

  3. Z

    Oh, Chris. Would food parcels help? I think that fruit cake and parkin would travel better than a Victoria sponge.

    Cake and flapjack, Mago. I do not like to think how much of the latter that the Sage has eaten today. (The flapjack is the butter, sugar, syrup and oat biscuity concoction, not what is called flapjack in America).

    Pugsley’s father was absolutely brilliant at making things as a child as well.


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