Z’s learning curve is – um -curvy

Yes.  I’ve got a bit of a workload and it’s rather my own fault.  People have been sending me information and I’ve been downloading it but not acting on it instantly, and now I don’t know what I’ve done and what I haven’t, so I’m having to go through all the emails and checking them off  – it’s a bit of a nightmare.  I’ve got 23 different societies sending me information to correlate, some of them have a change of chairman and some are reasonably computer literate and some aren’t.  One said that she couldn’t save a form after she’d filled it in and there should be instructions – I’ve just done one myself, for someone who couldn’t manage, and it was easy, so I don’t actually know how to write instructions without sounding really patronising – anyway, quite a few people haven’t sent in the info – or their cheques yet – so I was going to send out a reminding email when I realised I haven’t altered the names to the new chairmen yet.  And, do you know, I can’t be bothered tonight.  It can wait until tomorrow.  I was given lovely DVDs for my birthday (all of Black Books and all of The Wire – saw them when they were on television of course, but now I can enjoy them again) and I haven’t had time for any of them yet.

So, for next time, I shall make every change as it comes in.  And make notes of what changes I’ve made.  As it is, I’ve got to spend tomorrow evening working at it too.

But not the day, because Weeza rang up this afternoon to say that Zerlina is asking to come over and see Granny and Grandpa.  Huzzah!  Very happy, as you might imagine.  So I invited them to lunch.  Al and family are here and there tomorrow, so won’t have time to come to lunch, but I expect we’ll see them at some time.

Al had a ceremonial lie-in this morning, as he hasn’t got a shop to go to any more.  That is, he has, but not to run.  He was in later painting.  The new floor looks great and Tim has also been working hard, painting the shelves and units.  He’s rearranging everything – Al did too, when he took over, you’ve got to stamp your mark on the place.  I said to Al, he and Dilly have got enough to get by for a while, don’t look for another job until you’re ready.  Unless, we agreed, an offer he can’t resist drops into his lap.

I didn’t feel too sharp yesterday and had a really bad headache.  My temperature control was all over the place too, I kept feeling too hot and then cold.  I slept quite a lot in the afternoon and went to bed early.  I put it down to very poor sleep for ages and then a really busy day, but I didn’t feel 100% today either (I meant to cycle into town but was a bit anxious of getting wobbly so didn’t) and Dilly and Zerlina were both under the weather, so maybe something’s going around.  I’m over it now, I’m pretty sure.  All the same, I’m inclined to another early night.  I’d love to feel I’d had enough sleep.

8 comments on “Z’s learning curve is – um -curvy

  1. Z

    No need to delete, Dave, you’re quite right and it was tactfully put. Although, a lot of the work couldn’t be done until I received it all as 23 documents have to be made into 1.

    And regarding Al, the priority was first getting the shop ready to hand on, and this weekend to do the paperwork regarding the lease. Next priority will be renovations upstairs at the shop and his paperwork. Important as that is, it’s not so urgent as the rest.

  2. Z

    Anon, I don’t usually link to anyone outside my immediate family. As to whether it’s possible, well no – I don’t know who you are.


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