Z’s heart leaps up

I said, yesterday, that I was due for an anti-tetanus booster, and Blue Witch kindly commented that, as far as she knew, one only needs two adult boosters on top of the childhood vaccinations to have protection for life.  So I rang to confirm that and it is indeed true.  Further vaccinations will do no harm but are not necessary.

Tetanus is such a strong infection that contracting it does not give you immunity, but the vaccine, after five doses, does, for life.  So next time I get a splinter from elderly dead wood or rub earth in a wound, that’s one thing less to worry about.

Thanks, BW – and in return, I’ve been doing some experimentation on touchscreens.  It’s not the coldness of one’s fingers that is the problem, it’s dryness.  Cold and dry often go together, of course, but using moisturiser or simply slightly wetting a fingertip solves the problem.

Several times, recently, the Sage has come to me, anxiously asking for help with his laptop.  In each case, it’s actually been a flat battery.  Today, it wouldn’t come on, again.  It was plugged in and all the connections seemed okay – but I was cooking dinner, so I didn’t have time to do anything then.  Later, when he was busy with a long phone call, I took the computer, plugged it in again and wiggled the lead – and it started to charge.  If only all problems could be solved that easily, but he does now think I’m a whizz at problem solving.  It is a faulty lead though, he’ll probably have to get a new one at some time.

Photos now – yesterday, or possibly the day before, there was a fine rainbow, which I could see from my desk here.

The first photo was my view from here, but when I went outside, it had become a double rainbow.  Not good photos because I couldn’t get far enough back to see the whole arc, but a rainbow is always a pleasure, isn’t it?

And today, I visited Weeza, Zerlina and Augustus.

Who are all very well.  I’m going to go over on Tuesday next week so that Weeza can do some cooking to fill the freezer.  They’ve nearly finished the dishes that she froze while she was pregnant, and it does help, not to have to cook from scratch every day.  They have finally chosen a middle name for Gus.  Very charmingly, they are calling him after my stepfather.  “One of the family has finally chosen a family name – and he isn’t even a blood relation!” said Weeza.  I said that he and Grandma would have been thrilled, and I am too.  He was a dear man and loved being my children’s grandfather.

Next Wednesday, I’m going to London for an appointment at the Islington flats.  Wink may be able to come up to meet me for lunch, and I’ve also emailed my friend Lynn (the poet, whose book launch I wrote about a few months ago) to see if she’s free when she’s finished work.  

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