I was just sitting down with a glass of wine at quarter past six, trying to find a decent score from an unpromising array of Scrabble tiles, when there was a knock on the door.  It was a couple I know mainly from our auctions, although they have been to the house before.  I greeted them cheerfully, but evidently didn’t quite disguise my surprise enough, because Jan said “did you know we were coming this evening?” I admitted that I didn’t, welcome though they were, and I’d better give the Sage a ring because it might have slipped his mind.  Fortunately, he’d told me where he would be and had used my phone to ring and agree a convenient time, so I was able to phone him there.  “Did you forget you had invited Tony and Jan,” I said, perfectly amicably but bluntly, really not worth starting with small talk.

He had, was very apologetic and hastened back, arriving really not very much more than half an hour later.  It can happen to anyone.  We had sat chatting in the meantime, they drinking tea and I drinking my wine (I had offered them some, but they were going out for a meal afterwards) and no one took it amiss.

If you take either the Ant1ques C0llect0r Club magazine or the Ant1ques Tr@de G@zette, the Sage has a full page advertisement for his next sale.  The ATG is out today, it’s page 25 and the ACC is out shortly.  The 17th, I think.  Both available only by subscription, I believe.  The catalogue will be out on the website too, soon.

Tomorrow, I might go and see Weeza if she’s free, or else I’ll call in for a short time on Thursday.  I’m going to Norwich for lunch on Thursday, and bringing Ro back for an appointment at the doctor’s surgery.  There’s a good drop-in centre in the city centre that he uses if he needs to, so he hasn’t bothered to register with a surgery local to his home, but he needs a vaccination for his holiday in October and they won’t do that on the NHS.  Since I’m going in anyway, I offered to give him a lift.  It reminds me, I must go and get a tetanus booster – or rather, an anti-tetanus booster.  I remember that I last had one before the first time I went to India, which will be ten years in February.  I’m not sure how to remember for the next ten years, unless I use Augustus’s tenth birthday as a jolt to the memory.

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  1. Blue Witch

    I was told – probably eight or nine years ago now – that as long as you have had 2 tetanus boosters in your lifetime (ie childhood doses plus two more) it is no longer considered necessary to have a booster every ten years. Could you let us know if you find that advice has changed? Tahnks!

  2. Z

    I’ll ask. I hadn’t heard that, unless the evidence is very clear, I’ll get the booster. The sort of garden work I do, I will err on the safe side.

  3. mig

    We both forgot we’d planned a band practice a few weeks ago so when the other two turned up at the door laden with instruments and equipment it was a bit embarrassing. We offered them pudding though and they were very kind about it.

  4. Z

    I write everything appointment down, I don’t ever trust my memory. Having switched to a telephone calendar, it’s a control freak’s dream – all backed up on computer, iPhone and iPad – and if the worst happened and they all failed at the same time, it’s all still there in my online account.

    Chris dearest, in your presence there could be no awkward occasions so there is nothing to forgive.

    No, Dave, I invited you round for a quiet cup of tea. That there are 40 guests, all primed to leap out blowing whizzpoppers and shouting “SURPRISE!” is something that you don’t know about. I will quite understand if, now, you decide not to come.


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