Z’s heart leaps up

I didn’t forget Wince’s note and Zerlina and I were in the car and on the road by 8.01, so we were  actually early for Weeza and Gus.  The children and I had a lovely day, with a second breakfast of pancakes, feeding the animals, walking the dog and throwing sticks in the river for him to fetch and cuddling Eloise cat.  Walking down to the marshes, we go over a small stream.  “Ginormous river!” said Gus, in some awe.  Zerlina pronounced it to be a tiny river.  They both enjoyed splashing in the puddles in the lane and I didn’t say a word about the splashes on their trousers.  If you can’t get wet and muddy at their age, you’ll probably have to wait until you have small children or grandchildren of your own.

Zerlina had a very wobbly tooth and we both reckoned it would fall out at about 10 o’clock. In fact, it happened at 10.25.  I taped it to a card, which I put in an envelope and secured it with more tape, then put it in one of their bags, to take home.

somehow, it fell out and I found it on the porch floor this evening.  Zerlina was going to write a note to the tooth fairy to explain.  Little point in my posting it: it wouldn’t be delivered until Tuesday.

i took them to McDonald’s for a late lunch (notwithstanding the second breakfast of pancakes).  I had to read the menu to make my choice, I don’t get out much and there’s more on offer than there used to be.

I miss them tonight.  I started to miss them as I turned the car round and drove away, waving goodbye.  Ben will go home tomorrow or Saturday and I’ll miss him too.  But I’m all right on my own – I have Eloise too now, of course, but we’re both quite self-sufficient.

I played the organ for a service today, with Roses and Boy kindly looking after Zerlina and Gus.  The daughter of a woman who lives in the village had chosen to end her life.  Barry, who took the service, managed it wonderfully well.  He likes to look on the bright side and celebrate a life well lived, but it was not really appropriate with S’s elderly mother (the dead woman was 49 and her father died last autumn) in the congregation.  As I left the church, Jean came forward to thank me for playing – this is embarrassing, as it’s a paid job – and I kissed her and said what I could.  It so happened that one of the hymns was one I chose for Russell’s funeral.  Since my friend Andy lost the use of his legs, I’ve played for funerals and there have been several this summer.  I try to focus on playing well and thinking about the people who have lost a loved one, rather than myself, but I do keep tissues to hand.

such a lovely rainbow over the village when I arrived home this evening.  Always uplifting.

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