Z is rained on

The weather has certainly gone into Bank Holiday preparation, being changeable and, largely, wet.  Here in East Angular, I think we’ve had the best of it all summer – friends in the south west have had a dreadful time, especially those in the holiday business.

Zerlina and I were invited in to lunch with Roses and her friends, which gave me the opportunity to see that her gutters need clearing out.  I’ll do that once it’s dry for a day.  Later, z and I took Ben for a walk on the marshes, and he had a swim and a good run.  It rained some of the time, but we were prepared and I fed the animals as soon as it was dry again.  I moved all the chicks’ coops, I only did that on Sunday but they were all scratching about on mud.  Z and I also picked raspberries and blackberries and, later, I made a crumble.  And custard, in the microwave, which I managed to let boil over.  Messy.

Because of the weather, which I think was even worse in north Norfolk, I didn’t go to fetch Gus this evening and we will have to leave early tomorrow instead.  I must remember to leave a note for Wince, to say when I’ll be back.  What’s the betting I forget?

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