Z’s grandchildren love films

Steady rain today, which is getting heavier. I stayed in bed late, to be woken up by the Sage calling cheerily up the stairs that he was just off to fetch the asparagus. He received a reproachful answer (and apologised later, when he arrived home) and I dozed off again. Ten minutes later, the phone rang. It was Dilly, wanting me to let Kenny (ex-gardener, who will be 88 this month) not to call round today, which he often does on a Friday to see the children, in case he catches the Bug. She also wondered if we had any Weetabix, as Pugsley was asking for it.

I dressed hastily and went through with the Weetabix. Pugsley was sitting crying in his high chair. I held up the packet. He stopped and, as soon as it was in his bowl, dived his spoon in, even before milk was added. He ate two, but before he had finished Squiffany was through, asking to watch the scary film. I looked quizzical. “Ghostbusters” admitted Dilly. “I didn’t feel up to doing a thing with them yesterday and they’ve seen all the children’s films we have, and you can only take so much CBeebies.” “Scary film, scary film!” chanted Pugsley excitedly. Evidently, the love affair with Labyrinth is over for the time being. I wonder how they’d take to Some Like It Hot?

7 comments on “Z’s grandchildren love films

  1. The Boy

    Yes, our TV generally stays off, but when kids are ill all restrictions are thrown to the wind. I can see why they think its a scary movie though!

  2. Dave

    Talking of scary things, I’ve been viewing houses this afternoon in Nottarts Gnol, and am going back for a second viewing of one tomorrow.

    That’s probably only a dozen or so miles away from Yagnub (and in the other direction, Murph) isn’t it?

    Told you it was scary.

  3. Z

    My trembling fingers are crossed, Dave.

    I love old films.

    Those two remarks had nothing to do with each other


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