The Z is out of joint, though not literally

I’ve given up a bit on keeping the plates spinning – I’ve just balanced them very carefully and am hoping they stay there until after the weekend. All this week’s jobs have been done, I’m reasonably sorted for tomorrow’s wedding and after that (bearing in mind I have to be in church at 7.30 on Sunday morning) I’ll start thinking about next week. I’m slightly tetchy this evening, so will keep out of the way in here for a bit so that I don’t say anything I’ll have to apologise for.

Damn. I’ve got to send an emergency email to the PCC. hang on, I’ll be back.

Right, done that. It’s about next Tuesday – didn’t think I should leave it until Sunday.

I read in the paper yesterday that a friend’s father has died, and another friend’s mother’s funeral notice was in the paper today. He had been extremely ill and had outlasted his strength several weeks ago; but his daughter looked after him to the end. She (the mother) was only 70 and I didn’t know she’d been ill. I’m very sad for both families – and sorry that it means two more funerals to go to.

I’ve just had one reply to emergency email, which offered help. How lovely people are.

I had to see a friend just outside Norwich this afternoon, so took a back road or two to cut out the ring road. Unfortunately, I came upon a whole twinkling of police and various emergency cars, had to turn back and make a five mile detour. When I returned an hour or two later, there was a great deal of sand strewn all over the road, so it must have been a collision in the rain. One never sees the accidents one has come upon reported in the press; it’s always other and often minor ones, so I suppose I’ll never know what happened; but then it’s none of my business anyway.

Remembered to reply to another email. I’m not so good at switching off. And another. Damn. Or good, less to do later.

Sorry, you’re getting an insight into my mind. This is what it’s really like being me. When I apologise to my family for the horror of it all, I remind them that they’re lucky really. They just have to live with me. I have to live with BEING me.

I’ll listen to the Old 97’s until I feel relaxed and gentle.

I’m still well, I only have to last another 30 hours and it won’t matter nearly so much, except that next Friday is vital, and this a 9 day bug. Hm. Whisky. I’ll broach the Laphroaig, as no germs can live through that.

PS – I just bobbed back to the Kitchen Witches, to cheer myself by reading their happy news again – they’ve had their first baby, a lovely little girl – and I read all 39 messages of congratulation, and I feel very cheerful and a bit emotional. Things are still good, when so many people care and lovely things still happen. Best wishes to all three of you Kitchen Witches.

Mood transformed, I’ll drink my whisky and go and kiss my husband. Have a good weekend, darling friends.

8 comments on “The Z is out of joint, though not literally

  1. Z

    I know, isn’t it ghastly? I lurch into town at 9 for the papers, back home for breakfast and back into church at 10.15 for the 11 o’clock service. It’s only once a month, but I’m too polite to bully anyone else into it.

  2. Z

    Darling Wendy, it’s not that I do much but that it’s visible. And so far today, I’ve done bugger all. I’m so lazy that I let things slide and then have to rush about madly to catch up.

  3. Dave

    Alert! I am just back from visiting LS. Am going to ask Association to put a bid in for the house.

    You may like to start planning your move to the Antipodes.


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