Z’s feet are cold

The evening is balmy, but I’m not looking forward to my meeting tomorrow morning. It’s at the high school, I’m chairing the committee (bugger, bugger, bugger) and the particular situation isn’t one that I’ve experienced before, although the other committee members have come across similar situations. So, why am I in the chair? It’s suitable. I’m not arguing. I’m just bemoaning.

I’ll get myself into a suitably governorish suit and get there absurdly early.

In the meantime, I think it’s about time to flirt with my husband. He has been entirely charming this evening: not that that is unusual in itself, but he has gone to particular efforts and I’d be very happy, if not for the heavy icepack underneath my heels.

Al called me out to see a barn owl hunting on the field, this evening. I missed it, but all the men saw it and were entranced. I will try again tomorrow and see if there’s a chance of a photo. It was about 9 o’clock, when it was still light. It’s been a good day, warm and sunny but with a freshness to the breeze. The sort of stereotypical ‘June weather’ that occurs only fleetingly.

Think of me at 9 o’clock on Monday and please wish me well.

10 comments on “Z’s feet are cold

  1. Z

    A figurative icepack only, Pat, giving me the cold feet.

    Yes, it went all right, thanks. And I’ve been playing with the grandchildren since then.

  2. The Boy

    You will do fine, I think you’re the sort to always rise to an occasion. Having you in the chair if you haven’t dealt with such things before actually makes sound sense. You’ll be unbiased.

    Hope it goes well. Will think of you.

  3. Imperatrix

    Sounds like it went well. Good for you! (and cold feet implies you were thinking of bailing, but you never were, were you?)

    Hope you had fun playing with the grandkids, and good luck seeing the owl tonight. I love owls. Despite their predatory cunning and cold-heartedness, I think they’re wonderful.

  4. Z

    Oh gosh no, no question that I wouldn’t have gone. No, it was one of those things where you had to find just the right tone in a disciplinary matter. It went pretty well, we said the right things in the right way.

    I wish I’d seen the owl too – I’ll be on the lookout later.


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