Z shows Rare Wisdom

This afternoon, I gave my apologies for the governors’ training meeting tonight. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before – in fact, it annoys me to see the number of no-shows at these meetings. We get busy and tired, of course, but a phone call to say you aren’t going to make is is simple courtesy and very little trouble.

Anyway, this means that I have the gift of three extra hours to get ready for tomorrow.

It’s my own fault. I could have booked lunch at Earsham Street Cafe, but I willingly said I’d give the committee lunch, as it’s the last meeting of the season. And I did lunch last year – on that occasion, we had asparagus, then chicken fillets stuffed with pork, then pineapple and passion fruit. Tomorrow’s will be considerably simpler, ie cold – salmon and various salads, strawberries, cheese. Can’t get easier than that.

Except, why did I think opening a bottle of prosecco would be a good idea? That is, opening the bottle was a splendid idea, as it always is. But finishing the second glass before I’d had dinner was, maybe, misguided. Dinner, by the way, was pizza. Pfft. It’s been a busy day and I had no time to shop, not while the butcher was open anyway. The Co-op was open, but I forgot to buy biscuits.

So, do I leap out at the moment the shop opens to get biscuits, or do I make them tonight, at the same time that I am gently poaching salmon and making a start on a range of interesting salads? Not that I’ve watered the greenhouses yet. That might take priority.

Damn. It was the third glass of wine that did it. I am assailed by uncertainty.

This morning’s thingy was all right, thank you and I pretended well. I can’t say anything about the situation, but it’s been dealt with now and I hope it won’t arise again in any form. The local school has a really good headteacher, that I will say.

Water the greenhouses. Yes. Then cook the salmon, Then blanch the asparagus, pod, cook and peel the broad beans and cook and spice the couscous. Then think about other salads. Yes. Scrub new potatoes. Make mayonnaise. Having thought, do advance preparations for other (having been thought about and decided upon) salads.

The silver is all cleaned and shines amazingly. It’s beautiful. It had looked decidedly copperish. The table is laid, including proper linen napkins that are beautifully ironed (by me, natch) but unstarched. Pi and I agree on this, napkins that lie stiffly on your lap are not as nice as those that drape. I have got out the 100-year-old cups for coffee.

Oh damn. I’ve got to write a piece for the newsletter too, and the deadline is tomorrow. Never mind, by the time I come to do that, I’ll be sober.

Sorted. Hah.

15 comments on “Z shows Rare Wisdom

  1. martin

    I meant what I said about the napkins, I hate ones that are like cardboard. My tongue was in it normal position………… now have a nice evening.

  2. Z

    Oh honey, I’m sorry. I thought you were teasing.

    *memo to self…don’t give Wendy sprouts, but put out the nicest napkins for her and Martin*

  3. Dandelion

    I’m impressed. Three glasses would count as blogging drunk for me – and all before Eastenders is over the yard-arm too.

    Loving the double ablative absolute, all the more impressive for its alcoholish provenance. Wo.

  4. luckyzmom

    I would love to have an excuse to use my lovely china, silver and table linens as well as preparing such a delicious menu. Will you be wearing “a suitably governish suit”?

  5. Z

    Dandelion, a girl who loves the ablative absolute as I do deserves my very warmest glance.

    Sparkling wine goes straight to my head. I certainly was not sober, as is apparent from all those yesses.

    LZM – a couple of years ago we decided to use the ‘best’ china and silver all the time. But the silver doesn’t get polished all that often, and it does go in the dishwasher! I am wearing a frivolous summer skirt and a white teeshirt, with bags under my eyes.

  6. Wendz

    Oh you remembered. No sprouts! *relief*

    However, seeing as I am just a bush girl from a 3rd world country, you don’t have to stand on ceremony with me. Paper napkins will do, darlin’.


  7. Z

    Chairwoman – this effort will probably have to last until December.

    Wendz, of course I remembered. I’ll give you a paper napkin if you want (‘bush girl from a 3rd world country’, my left foot!), but Martin and I are getting out the double damask.

  8. martin

    Hoist by my own petard….. Wendy is quite sophisticated she uses a knife and fork and all the normal things. We are having a tussle over the sprouts, as I love them on Sunday with my beef and at Christmas………..

  9. The Boy

    Chicken stuffed with pork? Recipe please!

    I fully agree on starch for napkins, ironed will do nicely, though sometimes we don’t even go that far when its just us and the kids. Standards are slipping so these days…

  10. Z

    Martin, I love sprouts. I expect that Wendy has had overcooked or otherwise ruined sprouts and that has unnerved her. I am sure that you can win her round before Christmas.

    Boy – slipping standards? tut tut. Recipe to follow.

    HDWK – it’s spinning plates. Juggling is harder, but you can take your eye off the plates for a bit. Preparing food for lots of people is not a problem for me, I’m quite efficient and it’s not harder to feed a dozen or two than it is to feed four. Having no time to look after the food is a bit harder, but it’s all right if you plan for it.

    I did the newsletter bit at 8 o’clock this morning, but I’ve said to use it as a size guide and to expect a revision in the next day or two!


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