Z’s day was Jolly Super

I’ve been up since 5.30 and in London all day, but I would have written if the Sage had not been waiting with a chilled bottle of champagne on my return. It distracted me…

I’ll tell you about today tomorrow.

7 comments on “Z’s day was Jolly Super

  1. Wendz

    Golly – a bottle of champagne and my man would have distracted me too…so no apology needed.

    Now look Z…all these little sorties to London and no meet up? Tut tut and tsk tsk…

  2. Z

    He’d cooked dinner too. I thanked him most prettily. Steg, I am a flibbertigibbet and a dilettante.

    Wendz, it was an organised trip this time and I never left the British Museum. The next time I’m fancy free, I promise I’ll ask you if you’re free – I’d love to meet you.

  3. A wildlife gardener

    Our champers are definitely for drinking in the evening, as there’s not so much warmth from the sun now, after two in the afternoon…

    However, if you come around noon on a sunny day we could down a bottle of wine… or two, around the patio table šŸ™‚


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