I dunno, perhaps some of it

Found it at Steg’s place.

This would have been very accurate five years ago. It seems to focus rather on what stress you’re under and I don’t feel unhealthily stressed at all. I’m happy. I’ve reached that stable and peaceful situation they mention, and am enjoying it.

Here we go, anyway…

ColorQuiz.com z took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!

“Seeks an affectionate relationship, offering fulfi…”

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6 comments on “I dunno, perhaps some of it

  1. Wendz

    It’s Friday night…warm by the fire..I was lazy and sleepy and cozy…did the test with a sort of “Aah why not it’s bound to be silly but fun ” attitude…and sat upright at the results…100% accurate for me right now….weird stuff!

    How do they do that?

  2. Z

    It is weird, because I didn’t have any particular reaction to the colours and wasn’t too bothered in what order I picked them. I’m slightly anxious now that I might be less content than I think I am!

  3. mike


    “Having difficulty in making progress. Despite the attempt to conceal impulsiveness, his activities lead to problems and uncertainties, making him tense and irritable.”

  4. Z

    Irritable? Surely not you, Mike? But has it struck a chord? If it has, I’m becoming concerned that there’s something in this nonsense!

  5. Z

    Yeah, me too. “Working to improve her image in the eyes of others so as to obtain their compliance and agreement with her needs and wishes” is nearer then knuckle than I want it to be.


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