Z’s blessings counted again

The family came over for the day and Wink is here for a few days too.  Rose and co came in too, so there were 16 altogether.  I’d made it a really easy meal though, LT made his famous quiche and I served cold meats, salad and cheese.  People arrived at different times, so it wasn’t going to be very sensible to wait until everyone was here before eating.

Weeza and family arrived first and, as soon as Ro, Dora and young Rufus arrived, Gus – now six and a half – was out of the door looking for his little cousin.  He and Rufus adore each other.  He had to wait though, because the baby – well, the toddler, he’ll be two in June – was asleep in the car.  When he woke up, the two of them were off together, very happy.  And when Dilly got here with her three (Al was at work, so arrived last), all six children vanished.  I haven’t been into the furthest bedroom which is their chosen playroom, so I don’t know what they’ve been doing.  They came and went, occasionally grabbing some food and sitting at one of the tables with it, but we didn’t have much of their company; though we did see Zerlina and Dora together and have a feeling that nine-year-old z is taller than her aunt now.  Poor Dora, not much less than five foot and she’s probably destined to be shorter than anyone.

My dear friend Lynn lost her daughter last May in a silly, stupid, random event that made the death of a healthy 28-year-old even more tragic.  Lynn has written a book of poetry about Sophie – Lynn is an artist and a poet, a very fine one, this isn’t some amateur effort.  She is selling them for £10 with all proceeds going to St Martin in the Fields church’s Vicar’s Fund for the Homeless (it’s the London church in Trafalgar Square, where Lynn was married and Sophie – I’m her godmother – was baptised).  I don’t suppose anyone would like a copy and don’t feel any sort of obligation but if you would, let me know and I’ll send you details.

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  1. Kipper

    Do Lynn or the publisher have a website with more info?
    It sounds like Sprake-Large Manor was quite noisy, fun and food filled today. Yeah!


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