It’s a bit boring at the Zedary

When we’d all assumed that snow had passed us by again this winter, the weather changed for the colder.  Here, we’ve got a few inches, nothing spectacular, but there are lots of reports of accidents on the roads.  I suppose that people just aren’t used to driving in bad weather any more.

LT is away this week, but he kindly got in plenty of wood and coal for me, because I went down with one of those vague winter bugs last week that is taking a while to get over and I haven’t a lot of energy.  I slept a lot and ate very little, that’s about all there is to be said about it.  Eloise cat and I are having a few quiet days now, which is actually rather boring.  I’ve watched daytime TV two days running – I’m going to start enjoying it if I don’t watch out.  LT may return to a different sort of wife, who sits with the remote to hand and insists on having the television on at all times.

Those outdoor cats are becoming fussy, or else the quality of cat food is going down badly.  Either Rose or I buy supermarket own-brand for them – I get Co op, she gets Tesco or Sainsbury’s.  A few months ago, I had a feeling that the Co op recipe had changed, it looked more sloppy and less meaty – and the cats didn’t like it.  They tolerated the sort in jelly for a while, but then didn’t want to eat that either.  They liked Whiskas though, as well they might.  LT bought some Waitrose brand but they turned their noses up at that.  Now, they aren’t eating Tesco either.

They can forget it, I’m not buying Whiskas for them.  Eloise cat rather likes the Tesco and I’m not giving them her usual expensive brand either.  They can just have dried food and I’m not being bullied.  Though I shouldn’t forget that I’d said I wasn’t ever going to feed them at all, and gave way on that within days.  At least one of the chickens has started laying again – the big black one is laying an egg most days, which is rather useful because the two things I’m best at eating at present are poached eggs and Lionel RichTea biscuits.  I’m such an egg snob, I only eat them poached if they’re freshly laid by our own chickens.

5 comments on “It’s a bit boring at the Zedary

  1. Tim

    We need a catfood survey. How many out of ten prefer Tescos/Sainsburys/Waitrose etc? Are whoever makes Whiskas bribing their competitors to downgrade their products? We and the cats need to be told.

  2. Kipper

    Whiskas and Fancy Feast are a bit pricey and never purchased by me. I do get frozen raw ground chicken (specifically for cats) at the local butchers. Much less expensive than the same thing from pet shop. Vet said Cashew must have raw food as part of diet. His canned food is Friskies purchased at Costco. Kipper’s kibble is Costco brand and vet said it has good ingredients.

  3. Blue Witch

    Ours get Costco Signature dry, as Kipper says. well regarded among vets. They get one pouch of wet foo between the 4 of them for a treat, occasionally, or when we want to distract them while we do things to them!

    Whiskas has a special ‘cat cocaine’ ingredient… which is why cats love it so much. That said, our oldest now only licks off the jelly, and she’s never been fussy (so, she leaves it and catches her own food, I’m not pandering to cats whims!).

    If you have a Pets at Home accessible, and join their ‘club’, then buy the 72 or 90 packs of Whiskas with the monthly (stackable) vouchers, it’s the cheapest wet cat food there is, bar none. It can also be cheap onlline, I’m told.

    A vet nurse friend who is connected to the local cat rescue, says that Aldi own brand is very good quality, liked by most cats, and it’s reasonably priced.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  4. Z Post author

    There isn’t a Costco anywhere about here and the nearest Aldi is half an hour away – I won’t travel to a supermarket, especially not for cats! Rose gets supermarket deliveries online, and orders cat food there. Usually, pouches are a lot more expensive than cans – and the packaging is so wasteful, I’m reluctant to buy it for the outside cats. I buy Go Cat online, which they don’t mind (they wouldn’t touch Co op own brand dry food, ever) but it’s not badly priced at the place I buy chicken food. I’ll check out Whiskas online, but I suspect those cats will just have to put up with dry food.

    Today, they’re more concerned with keeping warm and dry than getting fed, but there are mice in the barn and they’ll be fine. They’re in very good condition and have lovely thick coats.


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