Z’s back! …

… which I intended to link to this, but seeing the picture again, I find I’d have to call it ‘Z’s side!’ which would be meaningless, so I won’t do it.

I’ve had a perfectly lovely holiday, thank you, and will force you to look at pictures over the next day or two. I spent the whole of both solitary journeys listening to albums you lovely people have recommended to me. I left my car at my sister’s in Wiltshire and we drove the rest of the way in her little car. Thank goodness we did, West Cornwall is no place for my estate car. I’m not sure I could have made the turn into the car park in Mousehole.

While I was away, the lilac, the bluebells and the may came out and Al is keenly planting out tomato plants in the greenhouse. I was earlier than the Sage expected (no traffic hold-ups at all) so he was out when I arrived, but he said “I’ve missed you*” when he did arrive, so that was all right. He has hoovered, cleaned the kitchen sink and worktops and washed the kitchen floor, and didn’t even mention it (there’s modesty for you). I did, however, appreciatively, so I’m sure he will be keen to do it again soon, maybe even when I’m home…

… Al just went past carrying a tankful of tadpoles, on his way to the pond to change the water. I followed him and we found a dove in the pond, under the heron-deterring netting. I’m not sure how the poor bird got under the net, but it’s lucky we found him when we did. He was able to crouch partly above the water line, but couldn’t get out. I picked him up, disentangled him and put him on the ground. He waddled away, looking totally shocked.

I’ll be back later (I’ll have time as the Sage has a meeting this evening), but the garden is calling me.

*Well, so I should hope!

10 comments on “Z’s back! …

  1. A wildlife gardener

    Glad you had a lovely time. I’m interested in your heron-deterring net, as we have one who’s scoffing all my frogs and newts! Is it a big squares or a tiny squares net, as we have oodles of plants in the ponds which would get fairly entangled growing through …and give me a different headache to cope with.

  2. The Boy

    We missed you too, welcome back.

    I can imagine the garden calling, we when got back from our hols, the first thing LL and I did was go for a wander outside.

  3. Z

    WG – I’m afraid, at present, it is a temporary net, as the tadpoles hatched just before I left, so we just draped netting over. It is quite difficult to know what to do – as you say, the plants will grow up and get tangled up. I think that, in the long run, the tadpoles will have to take their chance, but when they have just hatched the heron can just suck them up by the hundred. I did have newts, but haven’t seen them for a year or two.

    I’ll make a start on it tomorrow, Pat. A lot of rather similar shots of different harbours and bays, I need to label them while I remember!

    Thanks, Boy. I missed you too, glad you had a good holiday.

  4. Z

    Excellent, Murph. Well worth the trip for that joke alone.

    But, more seriously – and seriously indeed – are you saying you have not read all my archives? Pfft. Pshaw, forsooth. I went to Venice in the last week of March last year and the photo dates from that time. I have posted another photo of myself, in fact, but that one is rather misleading so I won’t link to it.

  5. dharmabum

    glad u had a good time. a nice holiday is always a welcome change, and i can see it refelcts in your post too šŸ™‚

    i remember cacting tadpoles off lil drains as lil kids – and we used to put them in every conceivable place – bottles, lunch boxes, broken light bulbs!

    its nice to have u back, z. and the side is just as nice šŸ˜‰

  6. luckyzmom

    Kept checking for your return because I so enjoy hearing you share your life with us. Then I was running around with my visiting daughter and grandbabies. So, I’m delighted to check back and find so many lovely posts to read.



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