Z’s afternoon on the tiles

I was reluctantly starting again on the clear-out in the study yesterday at about noon (I hardly know what to do next) when my friend Graham arrived on his tractor.  So I went outside to help instead.  There were several hundred roof tiles that had been stacked against one of the barns, but which I wanted to move.  Most of them had been put on pallets, but some were just on sheets of corrugated tin.  Graham had brought some extra pallets.  So I showed him where they were to go and he took the first load on his fork-lift.

The tiles had been stacked too high to move safely, so I removed half from each lot on to another pallet, then scurried round to the barn to restack them, so as not to waste space.  It was a heavy job.  I’ve ended up with seven pallets, each with between 70 and 100 tiles (at a guess) and I shifted half of them twice.  Graham also moved some concrete kerbs left from when we resurfaced the drive and extended its width, a few years ago.

Still some way to go, but the tidying up of this place is progressing again.  I have no idea why Russell wanted it to look like a particularly scruffy reclamation yard, but it was impossible to change his ways. Yet I know that he would have been pleased to see it looking good again.  All a mystery to me.  Anyway, I’m not quite on track because of the septic tank problem, which has to take precedence, but I’ll get there.

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