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Annually, Weeza’s boss, who has a rather lovely Queen Anne house and a large, informal garden surrounded by woodland, opens the grounds to benefit a couple of local charities.  They serve soup, hot dogs and wine – it’s a nice, relaxed occasion and we went along to it today.  Weeza and Phil, as well as being friends with the boss and his wife (they were friends before she worked for him), have some other mutual friends, first having met because their children were all the same age.

It was Bubbles’ 8th birthday today, so the children of that age went off for the birthday jolly and Lovely Tim and I took Gus and Jess off after lunch.  We had shopping to do, then went back to Weeza and Phil’s place and then, in due course, drove the children back to McDo’s where the birthday party was having tea.  We were highly entertained by the conversation of the two little ones in the back of the car.  They’re great friends and had been wonderfully good (and needed no looking after) all afternoon.  When their conversation dropped for a few minutes, Jess started singing to her teddy bear: I’m a little teddy bear short and stout.  Here’s my arm, here’s my ear.  And then, I’m a little teddy bear upside down…  It was delightful.

Zerlina and Gus are staying with us for a couple of days, as it’s half-term.  By the time we got home, it was bed time, and they went straight up without demur.  I suspect I’ll be making pancakes for breakfast tomorrow, with Nutella.  Actually, we’re rather relying on it.  I can’t remember what we had for dinner last Tuesday, but we were too full for pancakes afterwards, so deferred the treat.  Ours will have lemon and sugar, though.  Except that LT should try a Nutella pancake at least once, as it’s gorgeous.  I don’t want to eat it more than once in about five years, but at that moment it’s absurdly delicious.

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    1. Z Post author

      Well, I was modest in my claim. But not every week, at any rate. I still maintain that lemon and sugar is the pinnacle of pancake perfection.


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