Zpacking is done

I haven’t got a lot left to do, remarkably enough.  A whole big lot of stuff to email out, much of which needs typing up first, which is a pity.  I should have done that this evening, but I didn’t.  I took some time off instead.  If I have any sense, I’ll get up and do it in the morning.  I think we all know that I’m going to be working on it at midnight instead.

I was quite pleased with myself that it occurred to me, when setting the timer for the church heating, that the clocks change this weekend, so I have changed that one already.  There was a programme on the radio this afternoon, apparently it is quite likely that it will be agreed to stick with Summer Time next autumn.  They’re still intending to change the clocks and have double summer time the next year – I don’t see the point of that, particularly, I’d rather just choose a time and stick to it.

Thank you for your advice, I feel very looked after.  I’ve packed and am all ready, which is quite unnerving.  I spoke to Bod this evening, his mum is much better but still in Bath hospital and hasn’t yet moved to the cottage hospital near where they live.  He hasn’t ruled out coming on the holiday but I don’t think it’s all that likely.  At least his insurance will pay out.  If he does, he’s packed already.  He always does it a week or more in advance, he says.  My word.  How impressive.

Dilly went in to her bank yesterday, having had a letter about, it said, beneficial changes to her account.  She spoke to a helpful assistant.  “It says the terms of my account are better for me from January.”  The assistant agreed.  “Lower interest rate on an overdraft and lower interest rates if I borrow money.”  That was agreed too. “I’ve never had an overdraft in my life, nor a bank loan since I got my first job after university.”  The assistant was looking at her details. “That’s true, you manage your money very well.”  “So, is there any benefit for me?”  “Um, no.”  “But, according to this, if I don’t have £500 paid into my account every month, I get charged?  Whatever balance I have in there?”  This was also agreed to be true.  So if, for some reason, Dilly has a month of low earnings, she will get several pounds deducted from her account, on which she receives no interest and for which she gets no benefit.  “You can change to another account without the charge,” said the helpful assistant.  So, Dilly has to go to the bother of changing from an account which has been altered without her say-so or control to another one, and if she hadn’t read the letter carefully she wouldn’t even have realised it was necessary.  One really does wish one could do without banks at all, doesn’t one?

Anyway,  I might write a post tomorrow, but it depends on how late we get back from the sale and how much I then have left to do.  I should drop in on Saturday though.

6 comments on “Zpacking is done

  1. Dave

    You won’t have time to read this, of course, but have a fun sale, and holiday. Given the weather, I shall probably see you again next year.

  2. 63mago

    I do not understand all this time changing (introduced by Hindenburg and the idiot Ludendorff) and if I ever manage it, I will be independent of any goddam’ bank at some point! But it’s still a way to go.


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