Strawberry grapes

It seems awfully early to think about it, but I am going to get my euros tomorrow.  As well as pay the car tax.  And I’ve drunk – well, we’ve drunk – all the wine again.

Last week when I went into the shop, Tim gave me some grapes from a bunch that he’d been given from a neighbour (of the shop’s) vine.  Very unusual, quite pale pinky red with a distinct flavour of wild strawberries with possibly a hint of guava.  And grape.  This week, Tim has his daughters to stay, so Al is standing in for a couple of days or maybe three, and while I was dropping off something to him, Julian came in again so I praised his grapes – no, darlings, that’s just rude.  Wash your dirty minds.  I did praise his actual fruity grapes, and he straightaway went home and picked some for me.  Isn’t that kind?  I asked for the variety and he didn’t know the name but did know where the vine had come from, which is Read’s specialist fruit nursery at Hales Hall near Loddon and I have the catalogue.  It is actually called “Strawberry”.

While we were alone, Al was telling me an anecdote about a customer who is really quite outspoken, and she asked how Al is keeping himself financially now that he hasn’t got the shop.  So Al said he’s all right thank you, this and that, and she said “but how, specifically?” which he thought was a bit off.  So he answered. well we’ve got the income from two rental properties and would you like the full details of our other earnings?, so she backed off rather smartly, as well she might.  But then in came a lovely lady who had a chat, and then Julian and then another customer friend, so it made me very aware of how much we’ve always enjoyed it there.  I’m so glad that Tim, who is such a friend, has it now.  It’s still sort of in the family.

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  1. allotmentqueen

    Well I have to admit I was wondering how Al was getting on, but I would never dream of enquiring as to his financial state like that. Somehow I can’t see him as a gentleman landlord – not that I actually know him, of course, but from what you’ve said I’ve taken him to be a bit of a grafter and equally I can’t see him living off Dilly’s earnings. And I feel that some entrepreneurial musings are probably going on and he’s going to start up some new enterprise that will (hopefully) surprise us all. But then what do I know?

  2. Roses

    Morning my darling.

    Strawberry grapes? Who’d have thought?

    Aren’t people rude sometimes? Never ceases to amaze me. Al just needs some time to sit for a bit, before going off and doing something else. Seems a sensible way forward to me.

    Tsk. Don’t forget to buy some more wine (as well as your Euros and car tax).

  3. Christopher

    Could Mrs N. Parker have been planning to make him an annuity?

    The trouble with euros is that there’s never enough of them. Taking a lead from Mrs Parker, I wonder what rate you got? The inter-bank rate today is £1 = €1.14, but I bet the bank/travel agency skimmed quite a lot off the top of that. S*ds.

  4. Z

    Al has a load to do here, he hasn’t time to get a job yet! 8 years of working 6 days a week means that stuff rather piles up. It was when he’d replied that yes thank you, they were managing financially and she wanted details that it went rather beyond the bounds of polite chit-chat with someone you don’t actually know as a personal friend.

    I’ve got the euros, the wine, the car tax, batteries for my computer mouse and most of the food I need for the sale tomorrow, except the ham. We live for the day on ham rolls, crisps and cake. And cans of drink.

    I got €215 for my £200 – I didn’t shop around and if I could have easily done better, please no one tell me. I could have gone to the banks, the co-op and the post office, compared and then gone back to the best. Or I could have researched online and ordered them to be picked up at Gatwick. This week, my time is more valuable to me than a few pounds saved and there wasn’t even a queue.

  5. Z

    You would, wouldn’t you, Nick. At least it makes holidaying convenient though. Wouldn’t want them for us though.

    Well, I meant to put up another one altogether, AQ. But it was a part of a larger one, and I must have messed it up somehow because it looked all right but wouldn’t load, and it was late at night, so I just stuck one up for the time being.


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