Zoë spends LT’s money, as every wife kno

The auction went well, though prices aren’t what they used to be.  The recession going on and on, the government and the opposition both being wildly divided, no one having a clue what’ll happen in the next few months – or longer – has an effect on confidence in spending available money.  Assuming anyone still has any.  But it was a cheerful affair and, though we were jolly tired by the end, we were pretty satisfied.  LT made the minor mistake of asking me to bid for something on his behalf – he gave me a price but I was sure he really wanted it so put in an extra bid – it was the right thing to do, obviously.  I wouldn’t have done it otherwise, hem hem.  He took it very well

He’s gorn and left me again, back down to his place.  I drooped around like a wet Sunday most of the day – which it was, on and off – but recovered after a long and deep bath this evening.  I’d seriously considered going to bed as soon as I’d had dinner, but have rallied and lit the fire after all.

I’d just got two pieces of china to post and one to deliver, and the cheque for the second piece arrived on Saturday morning, before I’d been to the post office, so I was able to wrap it up and do all three in the space of an hour.  So that’s quite satisfying and I just have to wait for a couple more days for cheques to clear, and then I can pay everyone.  I like to do all the paperwork within a week – I’m the best and quickest payer in the business.  The funny thing is that nearly everyone prefers to receive a cheque, but they sometimes take weeks to pay it in.  If they sent me their bank details – which are on every cheque anyway, they’re hardly secret – they they’d get their money instantly.  Still, not my problem, though it costs me a few pounds extra in postage.

It was chilly yesterday and we decided to put on a couple of storage heaters so the house wouldn’t be so cold first thing in the morning.  But it was.  I checked the fuse box and half the heaters were off – I’ve flipped the switch, and will see what happens overnight.  I know the new fuse board has rather a hair trigger, but I don’t see why it went awry and have fingers crossed.  The electrician lives in the village and is prompt when called, so he’ll sort it out if necessary.  At least we have the Aga…and can always encourage the cat on to the bed if we need a little extra night time warmth.

2 comments on “Zoë spends LT’s money, as every wife kno

  1. Pat Mackay

    Let’s see if I can now leave a comment. I wasn’t going to mention it but you did first so:- why does T not give up his house so you can be together. If yours doesn’t suit buy one together. Commitment is all. You are free to tell me to p— off.

    1. Z Post author

      Very good question, Pat, and it’s more up to Tim than me to answer really. There are several reasons – while we still visit Pembrokeshire it’s convenient to have a halfway house, it’s more convenient than Norfolk for starting from, the sheer work involved in sorting out all our stuff and combining it, etc etc etc. We are both disinclined to sell, but if we did we would sell both houses and live nearer Norwich. It’s an absurd situation really, I can’t justify it at all.


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