Z talks of many things, distractedly

We went over to see Weeza & co today, as her mother-in-law and her new beau are staying – as with LT and me, it’s lovely to know that there’s love after being widowed and I know that, if I’d died, I’d have been very glad for Russell to have found happiness again.

I’m sure Zerlina has grown again.  We don’t see them so often now, so it’s even more apparent when she’s crept up on me.  They’ve been looking at high schools – really, it was a choice of two and they’ve put them in order of preference, so hope now for the one they want, ready for next September.  It was young Gus who really enjoyed the visit to the preferred school, especially the science labs – he loves anything science or engineering based.

Tomorrow, we have the Lowestoft auction and the china and everything else are all packed up – I have to go through the checklist in the morning, but we’re very nearly there.  I had a near-meltdown moment this afternoon though.  I’d bought the new toner for the printer, and the old one ran out halfway through a job.  I took it out and couldn’t work out what to do next, and started to talk to the printer in a rather unfriendly way.  Tim – probably very amused, though he was kind and tactful enough to hide it – came and took over, though he had a moment of not knowing which way up something went, as well.

We’d had a substantial lunch so just had omelettes for dinner.  Apparently, there are only three slices of bread left and we’ll eat two for breakfast.  So we’ll buy a loaf.  This is quite radical for us, nowadays, bakers that we are.  Well, that I am, in practice.

We took two squashes for Weeza, out of our plentiful store.  Got to get it to manageable quantities somehow.

5 comments on “Z talks of many things, distractedly

  1. savannah

    I’m coming to grips with the fact that youngest child, our only daughter is 40 today!!!! So, I totally understand talking of many things and being distracted! xoxox

  2. 63mago

    COuld you please put my printer in its place too ? Now that I need that damn thing it does not deliver “print” to the paper, herrgottsackra …
    Good luck with the auction – are there pieces you like especially ?

  3. Martina

    Best of luck with the auction! I just reconnected with a dear friend after many years. Very hard to accept that her six year old little girl that I used to go beachcombing with is now a university graduate, married and has a toddler.

  4. Z Post author

    I’ve got a while to go before Ronan is 40 but yes, I get what you’re saying, Savannah. Weeza will be 50 in the same year, to make it worse.

    Tim is clearly the expert, Mago – all I can suggest is, did you recently install new anti-virus software? It night not recognise the printer, if so.

    I feel your pain too, Martina. It shouldn’t be allowed.

    Oh blimey, Scarlet, I have too. What on earth to do with all the stuff?


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