I have been thinking I’ve been doing quite well, but now I have remembered several things that have to be done before I go away. The two most important are to find someone to do my Meals on Wheels on Thursday and to phone the letting agent to find out who to send a copy of the gas check document to, because otherwise they’ll get it done again and bill me for it.

Otherwise, I have to send some receipts, email two guests coming to a meeting, send an agenda to the clerk (I’ve written the agenda, yay), buy birthday presents for Pugsley who will be 6 this weekend – he’s having a brilliant party and I’m devastated that I won’t be here for it. Someone is coming with a snake and bugs and a tarantula and so on and will show them to the children and let them handle them.  Isn’t that the best party?  And make a birthday cake for Elle, whose Happy Day is tomorrow.

Apart from the birthday-related things, that’s all a bit boring, isn’t it?  Sorry.

Right. What can I say that’s interesting?

Oh, I’ve remembered something. Not interesting, just peculiar. I mean … well, let me tell you and you decide. I went into the card shop to buy birthday cards for Elle, Pugsley and Dora, all of whom have their special days within the next week and, as I came out, the mother of the girl Elle is going to stay with while I will be away was coming in. That is, Elle is staying with the whole family, of course. So we had a chat, agreed on dates and so on, and I said how much we love having her with us. I added that we hope she’s enjoying it too and that there were a dozen of us to supper the other night – Saturday, it must have been – and it was fun because I didn’t know about it until 2 o’clock and I had to get the meal on the table by 6 because of the five children. And I chattered on and I said Elle probably finds us a bit odd.  Well, the Sage anyway, I added cheerily, but by that time she (the mum) had already agreed.  A bit too quickly really, I thought.  I mean, I’m not odd. Not even a bit. I’m quite remarkably sensible and entirely conventional in every way. Except for the … Well, you know. We don’t talk about that any more.

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  1. mig

    Our neighbours have been convinced for years that we’re completely weird. I don’t think you’re odd but then maybe I’m not a good judge?


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