Z clears the to-do list

Dear oh dear, I’ve only just finished the things I droned on about yesterday.  And there were various others I didn’t remember to mention, as well as an unscheduled visit to Norwich – well, it involved Pugsley’s birthday presents (bought and wrapped) and Elle’s birthday present (bought, wrapped, given and unwrapped).

If I have a few minutes, I’ll put up a few pictures in the morning, but I’ve got a meeting first thing and am off to visit Wink around lunchtime.  I’m hoping to visit Zig, Mig and Tim (no, darlings, not Tig) while I’m away, as well as Dodo, the centenarian, on her birthday.

One of the photos is of me wearing my wedding dress.  Not on the day itself, I’m not sure where those pictures are and haven’t seen them for years.  But I carried on wearing it for some years afterwards.  You can’t see all of it, I’m sitting with a baby on my lap.

Posting will probably be intermittent for the rest of the week.

9 comments on “Z clears the to-do list

  1. Z

    Just about to pack, then I’ll be off. No photos today I’m afraid, I’m running late.

    Thanks for emails, Mig, very kind and I’m looking forward to seeing you too.

    I will, Dinahmow, thanks. And yes, it’s raining now. I’m just planning my wet-weather wardrobe (and about to remove my sandals, I don’t think there’s a lot of point in taking them).

  2. Z

    I got here in just under 4 hours, pretty good going. Now winding down while I wait for Wink to get home from work, drinking G&T and eating olives.

    I’ve packed for most eventualities, Liz, and drove through a fair few of them over 230 miles!


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