Ziki (but no leaks)

I checked out where Roses lived on my phone, and was able to park at the end of the road.  I recognised the house by the rebuilt (by Dave) wall, and was able to greet Boy by name when he opened the door, because I’ve seen it on Facebook.  There’s no room for secrecy, where Z is concerned.  Although, to be fair, Roses had told me her address and invited me for lunch.

And lunch, plus coffee, lasted for over three hours.  If you’ve met her, you’ll know that she’s fabulous company, and if you haven’t, don’t lose any opportunity.  I had so much fun, and thank you very much, Roses darling xxx

If I had any sense at all, I would be doing some work now, because it would save me having to explain not having yet done it by tomorrow lunchtime.  Hm.  The jury is genuinely out, at present.  It doesn’t help that I need to borrow the Sage’s laptop to do it, because there’s a programme I have to use that I haven’t got on my computer.  I suppose that I could do everything else, and get it all ready to go, and finalise it in the morning.  I could.  I might, indeed, although this is the third day that I haven’t glanced at the newspapers.

It’s slightly worrying, that I never seem to do one thing – that is, it’s not unusual to be listening to the radio or music, using the computer, using the phone to check emails or Facebook or play a game (if a website takes a while to load with our slow Broadband, I do something else while I’m waiting), whilst I’ve got a newspaper or book open.  But thinking about it, I’ve never *just* watched television, but read at the same time, and indignantly denied that I’m not fully engaged with both.

Gosh.  The Sage bought a pie at the bakery.  I omitted to mention that I had pudding at lunchtime, but accepted a small piece – he was going to give me a quarter, but I took half of that.  I’ve just observed him polishing off the last piece.  He never puts on a pound either.  Infuriating.

12 comments on “Ziki (but no leaks)

  1. yaya

    My hubby never puts on weight either..he leaves that business to me! I often watch TV and read..most everyday! I also multi-task..it’s a girl thing! Sounds like you’ve got it down!

  2. Gledwood

    Hmmm you know men have MUCH more water in their bodies than women, which is counterintuitive as women look so much shaplier etc but anyway that’s why men can drink more alcohol it gets more diluted. Also men lose weight quicker bc they’re just peeing out water that was stored amongst the fat. Just thought Id reassure you by repeating stuff you probably already know but that’s all I can say I just dropped by to say Hi really so HIYA!

  3. Gledwood

    Men only lose weight quicker IN THE BEGINNING… as you may well know.

    I’m on a weight loss programme myself as I consider myself too tubby. I want to go down to 11 stone, then 10 stone then 9 if I feel like it, know what I mean! 😉

  4. Gledwood

    My face has gone really ROUND ha ha ha.

    Ukh. I love the skeletal look I used to have, all ribs showing, I thought I looked really Interview With The Vampire… but I didn’t really look cool. My skin was grey, I looked shit. So what do I do. I am SHIT at doing happy mediums. Possibly because I have constant mood shifts I now know are officially “bipolar” I can’t keep to anything as a happy medium. I’m either “hypomanic” (the nearest I ever get to “happy”… or depressed… akh did you want to hear all this shit. Hey just do what you do with shit, FLUSH IT ha ha har 🙂

  5. Z

    Once in a while, it would probably be good not to do anything at all, Yaya!

    Hi Gledwood, I can lose weight, but extremely slowly. I’m told that’s the healthy way, but it’s pretty dull. I suspect that 9 stone is way too thin for you, but I agree that the successful dieting kick can feel good.

    Dave, I can concentrate on one thing, but watching television rarely feels that important. I get lost in a book to the extent that I don’t hear anyone speaking to me, however.

  6. Z

    When Roses came here, we carried on for at least as long, but family members kept spotting us through the café window and coming in for cake. This time, we kept all the food for ourselves. Nearly.

  7. Roses

    To be fair Z, if it wouldn’t have been for The Viking turning up, I’d have put the kettle on and we could have just kept going.

    You are awesome company.

  8. luckyzmom

    Just the other day my husband commented that I wasn’t very good at multi tasking and I was struck dumb. Surely he was joking. He is notoriously compartmentalized and I will watch TV, put a coat of clear polish on my nails, make a list of things to remember to do and fold laundry at the same time, though I can get totally buried in one thing or nothing also.

    I envy your time with Roses.

  9. Z

    I’d have had to leave in time to get back for 7.30 this morning. I had an appointment.

    Sheesh. Thank you, darling.

    My husband is far too sagacious to say anything like that to me, LZM.

    And you should have been here – we’d all have had a blast1

  10. Eddie 2-Sox

    Lucky Mom, you just trashed the multi-tasking myth.

    You cannot, physically, apply nail varnish, write, and fold stuff at the same time. Writing takes up one hand at least (unless done holding the pen otherwhere than the hand), applying nail varnish occupies two hands, and folding, two hands also. So either you have five arms, or you do a little bit of several tasks, intermittently.

    And we all do that.

    Check me out. I am watching TV, blogging, conversing on the phone with a relative, sorting the washing, making tomorrow’s sandwiches, AND reading the paper.

    But thank you for finally trashing yet another wimmins’ myth.


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