The lost dog has been found

I was absolutely dismayed, darlings, when I woke up at 6.15 this morning, because my alarm was set for 6.45.  I did doze for a while, however, before I had to get up, and I was out of the house before 7.30, face in place and teeth mumbled into place.

The day has been absolutely fine, with a nice blend of doing nothing, having a good time and getting a bit of work done.  Still the last bit of work to do, but I have to borrow the Sage’s laptop again to finish.  I did do most of it already but, although I find using a laptop okay at the time, it makes my back and eyes ache.  I like a good distance between keyboard and screen, and being hunched up for a while isn’t good.

There is good news, and several of you have said that you are waiting to hear it.  Mike phoned this evening, to say that the little dog is reunited with its owner – you see how I start with the end and don’t keep you in suspense?  I’m marvellous, don’t you think.  He and Ann had put posters up in all the outlying villages, and there had been several sightings of the terrier, and many attempts to catch or tempt her, but she wouldn’t be caught.  Then her owner arrived home, and said that she reckoned that little Holly wouldn’t go to anyone but her.  She got back home last night, and this morning, someone rang Mike to say that Holly was in Hempnall churchyard.  The owner went straight there – after so many trapping attempts, Holly was quite prickly, but at last she allowed herself to be picked up, and she’s safe and well with her owner, who was very kind and understanding about the whole situation.  Thank you for caring, loves, you are so kind.

There is a side-story.  On Saturday morning, friends called round in their vintage car and wanted to take Mike and Ann for a joy-ride.  The phone rang, saying that a stray dog had been seen at Topcroft, without a collar, in the road.  It was decided that the joy-ride should be to Topcroft.  The dog wasn’t Holly, but it was in the road, looking clueless but friendly … the upshot was, Mike and Ann took him home.  They phoned the RSPCA, police and rescue centres, to general hilarity.  “You’ve lost a dog, you’ve found a dog … all sorted!” was the general view.  They already have two dogs, plus visitors, they don’t really want to keep him, so they’re hoping the owner turns up.  I’ve said no, in case you’re wondering.  I don’t want a dog who wanders.  I need a dog that I can teach to come home.  I wouldn’t mind Mike and Ann’s little spaniel, mind you, she’s adorable.  But, sad to say, I’m not up for a challenge, right now.  I just want a dog to love, that loves me too.  I’ll train it, I’ll be tolerant of naughtiness, but there’s limit to the amount of wilfulness I’m interested in dealing with.  I’m wilful enough for any dog or man.  Although, if the Sage plays his cards right, I’m really quite biddable.

11 comments on “The lost dog has been found

  1. Eddie 2-Sox


    My Sunday has been much less worthy, and is ending with me watching three middle aged idiots arse-ing around on a combine harvester.

    To balance it, it’s the genius Bryan Cox next. He was the keyboard player in D:Ream did ya know?

  2. Z

    Bryan doesn’t sound like a genius to me. He’s smiling a lot and explaining science that we already know in simple terms, but he’s not enthusing me, and I do love to be enthused.

  3. Z

    Oh Savannah, you dropped in while I was trying to find something good to say about Bryan! Thank you, darling, I hope you’ve good news? I’ll call in and see xx

  4. Roses

    My Sunday was spent feeling fragile.

    Good to hear the lost dog story has a happy ending.

    Yes, I agree with you (I bet you aren’t surprised), I wouldn’t have a dog that didn’t do as it’s told, or had a tendancy to go wandering.

  5. Z

    Well, any dog could have a tendency to wander a bit around here, there are a lot of fields. But I don’t want it to run away every time it’s off the lead.

    Life of Pi is my favourite shaggy dog story, Dave.


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