Zig leads Zed astray

We’ve had a productive day today, after a rather late start – this was my fault because I was awake for a few hours in the night and, when I finally fell asleep again, I overslept dreadfully. So we had an early lunch before heading out to do errands and visiting the ponies, which was combined with giving the dogs a run. Zig hadn’t been out and about for a few days so she was ready for the fresh air.

When we got home, she introduced me to the deliciousness of fruit from the freezer – berries, that is – microwaved until hot and eaten with ice cream. Darlings, it’s gorgeous and will certainly be my new thing. She had some lovely local honeycomb ice cream which suited it extremely well. And now we are eating fruit and nut Toblerone, which I had not come across before, and we’re both deliberately eating too much of it, just because.

Im off home tomorrow, calling in on Mig on the way for lunch.  ive lost track of what I’m doing, but I have a fresh determination to get on with more of the paperwork.  I can leave it as long as I like, but it’ll still be up to me to get things going again, however long it takes, so JFDI is to my advantage in the end


6 comments on “Zig leads Zed astray

  1. 63mago

    Berries, ice-cream – just a little sip of white rum on top of it ? Or – if you are really adventurous – rum & sugar cubes and light it, so a bit of caramel drips on the ice creamed berries … ach

  2. tim

    I was wondering what to do with those berry fruits in the freezer… Honeycomb ice cream is now on my Waitrose list for tomorrow.
    My bests to Zig and Mig as well.

  3. Rog

    It sounds like one of those word puzzles: How do you get from Zig to Mig in three moves via Zed. I think the M4 is probably safest.
    Go Zig & Zed!

  4. Z Post author

    You lot want to lead me further astray, it seems…

    Zig – Zed – Miv – Mig? Seemed to work, though Mxxv was a bit of a bugger because some daft ha’porth managed to have an accident and so one lane was closed during the rush (several) hours.


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