Zerlina is affectionate

I bought some Montezuma giant chocolate buttons.  Zerlina was most impressed.  She came and stood beside me several times, being very affectionate in a hopeful sort of way and kissing me lovingly before asking if there was any chance I might be considering opening Granny’s tin.  It got me every time.  I’m afraid my reputation as a soft touch will take a while to live down.

She also hoped I’d notice and remark upon her appearance. She touched her fringe faux-casually and tossed her pigtails, and glanced down at her striped wool dress.  Each time I complimented her, her face lit up happily.

She still has an afternoon nap, something which her mother strenuously encourages.  She loves her nap and now has graduated to a full-sized single bed in our smallest bedroom.  When she woke, I went to fetch her. “Look, I’m in a big girl’s bed” were her first words.  We walked downstairs, holding hands, and she showed me the cars decorating her socks (not actual cars, darlings, they were part of the pattern).

I finally got around to downloading the photos I took on holiday.  Here is one of a resident of Sliema.

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