Flatter than Norfolk

I had several vivid dreams last night – or, at any rate, I remembered them, which is rarely the case.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell you all about them, just one thing.  At one point I was brought a cup of coffee and didn’t drink it for a while. When I took a sip, it was stone cold.  I remember being surprised that it was completely cold already, not just lukewarm, and I could clearly taste the coffee, which I also could see was black – but black as a specific shade, not black and white.  So I dream in colour, taste and temperature.  Which maybe I’ve always known and had forgotten.

There was something I was going to tell you, but which I can’t think of at present.  I daresay it will come back to me.  In the meantime, a few other random snaps of Malta.

I rather loved the Savoyard helmets in the Armoury.  Sorry about the reflection, I couldn’t do anything about it.

There is a lizard here somewhere, but I can’t see it now.

As I said before, I loved Mdina and its winding lanes.  They are all this size, it isn’t a side alley.

Mdina is in the middle of the island.  But you can still see the sea.

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