Z would like to get her hands dirty

I went to see the newly-built Skills Centre in the next town, which will serve three local high schools and teach them ‘vocational’ qualifications, such as building, hairdressing, car mechanics and engineering. The pupils who opt to go there are, on the whole, the less academically able and would do one of these subjects as the equivalent of two GCSEs, as well as the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. They go one day per week and do the written part of the course at school as well as their other lessons.

It’s very well designed and equipped and the pupils are mostly very keen. I rather wished I could have joined them there. I’d not be interested in the cookery (I can cook already) and hairdressing, but I’d have loved to have a go at the bricklaying, carpentry and car maintenance.

7 comments on “Z would like to get her hands dirty

  1. PI

    Sounds like an excellent establishment. Maybe they will eventually do evening classes for mature students. brick laying sound very therapeutic. Old Winnie used to do it all the time.

  2. Z

    I’ve got a couple of thousand bricks sitting in the garden right now, ready to build a wall with. I do need a couple of lessons first, though.

    John, that is a splendid idea. Just what I need.

  3. luckyzmom

    I have laid a lot of bricks and would say that the hard part is leveling. Also,I took a woodworking class where I made a nightstand with three drawers and would say that the hardest part is getting the measurements correct. I have taken my car to the mechanic and I would say the hardest part is waiting for them to finish…..or no! it is paying the bill!!!!

  4. hey bartender

    I’m still annoyed that they made me take typing class (obviously wasted since I still “hunt and peck” to this day) and wouldn’t let me in shop (car maintenance) class. I’m glad they let the students choose, rather than pushing them toward what they “should” want to study.


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