Well played, Sharon

Our friend Jamie called round this morning, to say he has found a possible new gardener for us – someone newly retired, who has just moved here from London. Jamie was driving a car considerably smarter than we’ve ever seen him in. It’s an 18 month old VW Passat. “Nice car?” we enquired…

His wife goes to Bingo twice a week with a friend – the two of them have been having these girls’ nights out for years, and always share their winnings. A few weeks ago, she won the jackpot – £45,000. She didn’t hesitate. A cheque for £22,500 was given straight to her friend.

They’ve never had this sort of money in their lives before, they’ve always lived in rented houses and have brought up their four children on something of a shoestring. Jamie’s always worked hard and will always help a friend without a moment’s thought. I think more of him than almost anyone I know, though I’ve only ever known Sharon to pass the time of day with. But isn’t she lovely?

She won the mid-week jackpot. “It’d be a pang to let half the Saturday jackpot go,” said Jamie ruefully. “With £100,000, we could have got a mortgage.”

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  1. Z

    Absolutely fair, but many people would have been so tempted by a sum like that. They have never had a tenth of that amount to their credit in their lives.


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