Z wonders what to do

Hm. I’ve been invited to go with a member to an evening at the British Museum in early August. Very tempting, but it’s the week that Weeza’s baby is due, so should I be on hand here? Mind you, I’m hardly going to be useful exactly unless, possibly, the baby comes a week or two early and I’m on cookin’ & shoppin’ duty – but then she has a more than capable husband to help there too.

I could make my mind up later, but by then the price of the railway ticket will have shot up. Furthermore, I’d be available (being footloose and all that) to meet any of you lovely people who might have time to spare, and that would be jolly for me.

Thing is too, it might be the last opportunity for me to use their London flat to stay in. It’ll have to be either let or sold before long and either way it won’t be available any more, and it has been lovely to have a pied à terre in Town.

Anyone interested in buying one or two very small, but splendidly-situated flats in Islington, by the way? – well, it worked with the bricklaying.

14 comments on “Z wonders what to do

  1. Dave

    I’m only commenting here really because my current avatar shows me outside the British Museum.

    I do hope it appears now, as I’m using a strange computer.

  2. Weeza

    Go to the British Museum – it’s a members’ only evening (if it’s what I think you’re thinking) and it’s amazing going there when it’s all quiet and not a spoddy tourist in sight!
    a) it’s before baby’s due, it’ll be fine – she’s not in any hurry
    b) don’t be cancelling fun stuff to be on hand – you’ll freak me out ;-))

  3. Z

    Very appropriate, Dave.

    Manic, well I met Dave for a start. And the Boy, amongst other fine people. Those who are nuts are the best, don’t you think?

    Has baby’s due date slipped back a few days then, Weeza? Actually, I checked online and if I get the right trains, I can (or could earlier) still get them for £6 each way, so that wouldn’t be a dreadful loss if I didn’t use them. And have no fear, I won’t be pacing the floor outside the delivery room whatever happens.

  4. Dave

    As you can only be cheeky to people older than you, I will assume the unfortunate linking of my name and nuts in the same paragraph was coincidental.

  5. Z

    Synchronicitous, at any rate Dave. Nuts is no insult, in any case.

    Marianne, I believe I am persuaded, which is what daughters are good at. Furthermore, I have consulted the Sage and he says yes, too.

    Dandeelion, are you busy that day – for I’m free? Or is that what’s worrying you?

  6. Dandelion

    Please ignore any potential meaning within my previous comment, as I might have been inebriated back then, though I’m not any more. I think it was the focus on members that upset me.

    I don’t know whether I’ll be free or not. What day of the week is it?

  7. Dandelion

    Please ignore any potential meaning within my previous comment, as I hadn’t read your next post back then, though I have now. The answer is yes.


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