Z is to visit the Dark Metropolis!!(!)

I’ve booked the train ticket and Ronan is coming with me. We’ll get into London at 4.30 on Monday 4th August and leave on Tuesday at 2.30 – not long, but they were dirt cheap tickets. We’ll be occupied for a couple of hours in the evening, but footloose otherwise – that is, with or without each other as circumstances call us.

If the baby is born a few days early then hey, more important matters will take my time and Dave might be able to use the ticket.

Weeza and Phil are here for the weekend – that is, they are here Right Now, taking my car in the morning and I will see little of it, or them, for the next couple of days. The good news is that Phil has been offered the job he was interviewed for on Wednesday, and he has accepted it. It’ll mean a 5 mile bike ride to the station every day though, and the return journey is uphill. I couldn’t do it – but he is young and strong. He’ll be fine, after the first agonising month.

10 comments on “Z is to visit the Dark Metropolis!!(!)

  1. Dave

    I really and truly hope you will be able to go. But will be equally happy if you can’t, if you follow my meaning.

    I just hope, should the latter turn out to be the case, that it’s not the day I’m moving.

  2. Z

    Ro is very good company, I’m sure you would enjoy an evening out with him, Dave. It would be a sorry coincidence if neither you nor I could go on that particular day.

  3. Dave

    I must admit I hadn’t realised one can get to London so cheaply. I might have gone more often (indeed, I might now go often, had I any cause to) had I realised.

    This wasn’t a special offer to ladies of a certain age*, or anything, was it?

    *Over 21.

  4. Z

    Not at all, Dave. It depends on the time of day and how far in advance you book, as there’s limited cheaper tickets. Check the website http://www.nationalexpresseastanglia.com/ and put in the details of both outward and return journeys, but when an absurd sum comes up, click on “two singles may be cheaper”. They will be. It’s easy to check prices for earlier and later trains, too. I can’t always get a £6 ticket each way, but the next price for a single is £12, which still isn’t bad at all.

  5. Z

    It’s a bit of a beastly mile, actually. Quite steep, then less so but still uphill, then steep again. Then a couple of miles on the flat but on a quite busy country road. The two end stretches are flat and there are pavements at any rate to dive onto if the traffic gets too frightening. My thighs, splendidly proportion though they are, would never cope.


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