Z wishes for a kind and happy Christmas for us all

I’m not sure that I’ve learned much over the years, but I do know that Christmas comes on the dot, whether I’m ready for it or not, so I might as well relax and not fuss about it.  In fact, we’re all ready this year, but it’s the same either way.

I very slowly hoovered and dusted, laid the table (cloth of gold!  Much bling!) and washed the kitchen floor.  LT split logs and brought in enough coal and wood to last for a few days, and then cleaned the rest of the kitchen.  I will write a brief time plan (just the times of what goes in the oven) and champagne is in the fridge.  There will be only five of us, so it’ll be relaxed and easy.

Eloise cat spent much of the night mousing – I went to take the mouse from her when she’d caught it, not realising it was still alive, so it got away.  So she can have fun catching it again tonight, unless it has the sense to lay low.

Dear friends, thank you for your kindness and goodwill, that are valued so much by me and Tim.   We hope you have the Christmas and holiday season that you most enjoy, whether quiet or busy.  Most of all, we wish you peace and happiness and a respite from the cares of the world.

7 comments on “Z wishes for a kind and happy Christmas for us all

  1. Richard

    I definitely won’t be getting the Christmas I would wish for in the normal scheme of things but I am very glad indeed that you are. Best wishes to you and Tim. Hope to see you in the New Year


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