Z winds down and makes plans

1 I’ve just counted the spam comments received so far today – 31.  And it’s not 4 o’clock yet.  Why on earth do they do it?  Not one of them is published, they all go in the spam folder.

2 Doing some strategic planning.  Not that I’m thinking far ahead generally, far too depressing.  Just in a specific area.

3 The sun is shining but I’m skulking indoors.  I fell asleep after lunch, though not for long – ten minutes or so is enough.

4 I came in the room this morning to find Ben sitting in the Sage’s armchair, looking relaxed and pleased with life.  I was in a hurry to go out and didn’t argue with him but left him there.  I trust he doesn’t try this sort of naughtiness when he goes home.  I love having a lapful of dog to cuddle, mind you, when I have a dog it will be allowed up.  And dog hairs on clothes are fine, what’s the problem?  The day I have an immaculate home will be when I’m old, unloved and have nowhere near enough to do with my time.  Not that I believe this applies to everyone of course, it’s all a matter of priorities and what makes one comfortable.

5 The Sage is out doing a valuation in Lowestoft.  Apart from taking the dog for a walk, I’ve had a lovely peaceful time getting on with stuff on the computer and listening to music.  Mozart and Prokofiev so far this afternoon.  And now I feel like listening to the piano.  I’ve not listened to enough music of late.

7 comments on “Z winds down and makes plans

  1. Z

    John, I’m so sorry. I was cross that a spam comment had been published so deleted it, went to the spam folder and deleted everything, accidentally not saving yours. Can you post it again, please? xx

  2. nick

    “The day I have an immaculate home will be when I’m old, unloved and have nowhere near enough to do with my time.” My sentiments entirely. In my experience an untidy home is a sign that the occupants are far too busy enjoying themselves to worry too much about dust bunnies and smeary windows.

  3. Tim

    I bet every spam comment you get is posted by ‘anonymous’. Why don’t blogger just offer us the option of barring anon comments, as I’ve been proposing to them for two years now?

  4. Z

    There are various things they could do – that, or have one-off approval of a commenter, have the option of stopping comments after a certain period of time – but they can’t really be arsed, it’s a free service and I suspect they aren’t really interested in it any more. I’ve a feeling that I’ll be leaving Blogger before long.


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