Fish and eggs

1 I have my car back.  The borrowed Fiesta was perfectly nice to drive, but ordinary cars are so low down, I feel as if I’m sitting on the road.  I think having a landrover has spoiled me for anything else.

2 In a letter to Martina last night, I used the phrase ‘storm in a teacup.’  She queried it – apparently, down her way, it’s ‘tempest in a teapot.’  Well, well.  Never come across that one before!

3 It’s jolly windy. And (it’s now quarter to five) it’s started raining.  Although when I drove home from Beccles I saw that dust was blowing off the fields, it’s been very dry since the flooding ended.

4 We were going to have fish for dinner, but we were given fish for our set-menu lunch, so I think it will go in the freezer.  I’ve got some chicken, but I’m not very hungry after a two-course meal and the Sage went down the caff for shepherd’s pie, so I think I might put them both aside and cook omelettes instead.  The bantams are laying well now and I’ve got at least a dozen eggs today.

5 I’ve got an almost free day tomorrow, after a meeting with the Head at 9.30.  Unfortunately, housework beckons.  Although the cleaners are coming next Tuesday so I’ll tidy to get ready for them rather than do much cleaning.  I mean, one does have standards to keep down.

15 comments on “Fish and eggs

  1. Zig

    tempest in a teapot seems much more exciting than a storm in a teacup doesn’t it – that’s really making a fuss! I have a real live fairy now who not only cleans but tidies too! Can’t find a thing but it looks nice.

  2. Blue Witch

    If we didn’t have a cleaner, I dread to think how untidy this place would be.

    It’d amazing how dry everything is, already. We’ve had that wind here too.

  3. Rog

    Myself and Mrs Rine battle it out to see who can do the tidying up, but as our Tiny Tibetan takes great exception to the vacuum cleaner we have to do it by stealth. We need a Stealth-Dyson, I wonder if that could be his next invention?

  4. Z

    yes it does, but storm in a teacup isn’t very exciting and that’s the point.

    I tidied yesterday, everything is now on the kitchen table. Which is, as a result, unusable.

    I can already see the peril of having a cleaner. There’s a distinct ring round where I put my electric toothbrush: normally I’d clean that away. I think I’m better doing my own cleaning, however occasionally – but have succumbed to the ease of paying someone for now.

    Having hoovered yesterday, the place is still unnaturally clean and tidy. I think I need a TT to keep me messy but happy.

  5. LX

    1. Good going on the Landrover. I drive a Jeep and also prefer the road view it offers.

    2. I have most often heard it as “tempest.”

  6. Z

    Poor fuel economy, expensive road tax – but I like the car.

    Must be other side of the pond thing – over here it’s certainly storm in a teacup!

  7. janerowena

    Definitely a storm in a teacup here, but the storm today ripped the door off my summerhouse. So I am wondering what will take up residence until a new one can be fitted. Our frontera has to go, and DBH is looking at much lower cars. I shall miss it hugely as my car is very low and my previous car was an elderly range rover. I’m sure it’s far safer to be higher up, but he wants something not quite so thirsty.

  8. Liz

    1. Was it one of the newer style Fiestas? They look much lower to the road than the ones I have driven in the past. My little Yaris has a surprisingly high driving position for such a small car; which is a distinct advantage when one is only 5 foot 3. I’m not keen on driving Sir Bruin’s Avensis because compared to my car, I feel like I’m sitting in a hole!

    2. I’ve never heard that tempest expression either, and as you say, it sounds a lot more serious than a storm in a teacup.

    3. It was windy here too, which made it feel so much colder than it really was.

    4. I like fish but don’t have it as often as I would like because my husband prefers big lumps of meat in gravy.

    5. Considering that I’m at home all day doing very little at the moment, I’m not being nearly as efficient with the housework as I should be Having said that, on Monday, I cleaned all the windows and indeed everything else in my conservatory. I’ve pretty much given myself the rest of the week off as a result.

  9. Z

    Isn’t it extraordinary, phrases that are completely different yet in the same vein?

    I didn’t look at its age, Liz – in fact, when I parked it and blithely walked away, it was a good thing I noted where I’d parked because I wouldn’t have recognised it. It’s not as low as our old Mercedes. Are you only 5′ 3″? You seem taller than that to me.

    The Sage likes MEAT too.

    I changed the bedclothes and found some papers I needed. Now stopped for a rest (though my meeting did take a couple of hours)

  10. Z

    i want them to clean and they can’t do that effectively if there’s stuff lying about! Anyway, who you calling a moron? 😉

  11. Z

    Well, I’m picked up on the least ambiguity, AQ!

    You’re a Suffolk girl, Rosie? We’re 9 miles from Beccles, just the Norfolk side of Bungay.


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