Z winds down a notch too far

A delightful family lunch out today – Al was working and Dilly and the children had other things to do, but the other 6 of us went to a pub not far from Weeza’s house – attached to a brewery, it has good food and drink and is popular. Very enjoyable – the Sage and I have been thinking it’s Sunday evening as we feel far too relaxed for a Saturday.

Mind you, i came home and spent a long time mowing the lawn, because the weeds from the area around the original lawn, now being mown into submission, had grown quicker than the grass and were tall and getting tough.

Ro remembered this evening (we dropped him off at his lodgings in Norwich) that he hadn’t taken his cakes back with him. I’ve wrapped them individually (I kept one back for the Sage) and have put them in the freezer for next time we see him. He didn’t realise iced cakes could be frozen and was most pleased. I think the little sugar flowers may go soft but it won’t matter.

I haven’t looked at the music for tomorrow and I haven’t picked up my clarinet for at least a couple of months. Indeed yes, I should practise. Odds are I won’t and will just wing it tomorrow morning. After all, what’s to go wrong? It’ll help if I know the songs of course, maybe I should check that. And look at the music to see if I can transpose at sight or will have to write it out. Oh dear. Suddenly I feel less relaxed.

13 comments on “Z winds down a notch too far

  1. Dave

    Do you know, I thought for a moment that you’d said that Weeza’s house is attached to a brewery.

    ‘How she takes after her mother.’ I thought.

  2. Z

    I haven’t mentioned drinking for ages. however, at least Dandelion has some excuse as I’ve had a drink almost every time (possibly every time) I’ve ever seen her. Dave, on the other hand, has none. I’ve met you 21 times, Dave, and only once have I drunk alcohol in your presence: 2 glasses of wine in my own home.

    It’s all completely misleading, darlings. Dave is leading your minds astray.

  3. Z

    If Dave were vice free, I daresay we would find him a bit dull, Sarah. I think the right sort of vice is to be encouraged, don’t you?

    As to the wavy lines, mostly I’ve done the lowest few courses, you’ve done the highest ones and the middle ones we’ve done between us. Fortunately, most of the waviness is in that section so there’s no knowing which of us is responsible.


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