Dave still has a certain amount to learn when it comes to teasing. This morning in church (on fourth Sundays there is a breakfast cafĂ© between two short services) I read a headline to friend Anthony (a retired church minister, as is Dave) “Women are getting more beautiful”. “Hope for you yet, then,” he replied genially. “…while men remain as aesthetically unappealing as their caveman ancestors” I quoted back at him. Teasing is more vicious in the Church of England than among the gentle Methodists, i think.

However, his mention of a house attached to a brewery reminded me of our children’s weddings. We had a party here after both Al’s and Weeza’s wedding, with marquees, a hog roast and a ceilidh band each time. Our village pub (which has its own micro brewery in the garage) provided kegs of beer and by the end there was some left. A clearing-up party the next day still didn’t finish it all off, so for the next few days it was most enjoyable to stroll outside clutching a beer mug and fill it from the barrel. It’s the best way to drink it and I rather wish that we could find excuses to do it regularly. Sadly, the 40 pints (I think) that a keg contains is far more than we could manage to drink while it’s still fresh, and most of our friends drink little more than we do.

4 comments on “Lightweights

  1. Z

    Now that we’re not allowed to use a chalice for sharing Communion any longer we may need it. The coffee and bacon sandwiches are going down well, if there’s free beer too we could attract a whole lot more people to church.
    Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Maybe I should suggest it to the PCC.

  2. Dave

    Bacon sandwiches are a little tasteless, given that you’re not allowed to use the chalice because of the fear of swine ‘flu.


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