Z will tell you about Madrid soon

I spent most of the morning on Dilly’s computer, then took care of Pugsley for a couple of hours. He woke from his nap, then fell asleep again on my lap, so I took the opportunity to doze for a while myself. Afterwards, he sorted out some coloured blocks and shapes. I was impressed by the correct naming of ‘blue’ and ‘star’, but he got a bit carried away and started naming all the rest orange, which wasn’t quite so accurate. Then we talked about animals. He knows a lot of animals, although he thought a camel was a donkey. “Elephant” he said, and was right. “Trunk”, he pointed out. I told him about the time I rode on an elephant and had to grab a rope and climb up its leg. Then I remembered the time I was being driven through Madras and saw a chap riding an elephant along the pavement. They stopped and looked in a shop window. “It was remarkable” I said. “Remarkable”, he agreed. “Scary”.

Ro is being patient, but he wants his computer back. Hasta manana.

8 comments on “Z will tell you about Madrid soon

  1. Weeza

    Pugsley is adorable, lovely to be home eh!

    Thanks for doing the washing up ma! I’m logging in to see what name you come up with for the littlest one… and will I be forgiven my London Ways?

    😉 xx

  2. Z

    Impressive, hey, Dave?

    I like your London Ways, Weeza – you will bring some order to my chaotic life when you’re back in Norfolk.

    I suppose it’s having a bigger sister – he mostly says just one word, though he can string two or three together if they come as one phrase, but he remarks on everything.


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