Z welcomes a Guest (part 1)

The house is very quiet suddenly. And, though the casual visitor might be surprised to learn it, unnaturally tidy (my tidiness stops at the point where most people’s starts).

Actually, someone I know says she’s looking for a cleaning job at the moment. I like her and might consider taking her up on it.

I digress.

The interviews went very well this morning, in that there were very good and capable candidates and we had real difficulty choosing. They overran somewhat, but I shot out of the door at five to twelve, only to find that someone had parked badly and I couldn’t get past, which meant I had to back down a narrow road with cars parked on one side. Again, one car was slightly away from the kerb and I had to go on the shrubbery and push the shrubs away from the wing mirror as I went past. I don’t think I got too badly scratched.

I arrived home, to find a lugubrious note from the Sage, out rounding up cows. He arrived back as I did, job well done, and apologised that he hadn’t been able to persuade the dining room fire to draw. It being chilly in there, we decided to have lunch in the kitchen.

I opened the tin of baked beans, sliced the bread ready for toasting and all was ready for our guest.

8 comments on “Z welcomes a Guest (part 1)

  1. Z

    It was exciting. It was a most Distinguished Guest.

    No, Simon. I hear there’s a nasty chest infection going about King’s Lynn. Anyway, I wouldn’t come to King’s Lynn without letting you know.


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