All I want for Christmas…

No, I haven’t sung it to the Sage. I’m being very kind and sweet. But it’s running through my head.

He was ages in the dentist. I offered to drive him in, in case he didn’t feel too good when he came out, and yesterday he poo-pooed the idea, but changed his mind this morning. He told me 45 minutes, I thought that was pushing it but was back within the hour, with a boot full of Tesco booze (I know, I know, not such a woman of principle as I like to think) and still had to wait more than half an hour for him. I stayed in the car, because it’s very much a bedsit area of Norwich and I was a bit worried that the car should not be broken in to, but as time went by, I got more and more anxious that he was having a rotten time.

He managed a plateful of scrambled eggs for lunch, very bravely. I’ve assured him that he needs plenty of protein to keep up his strength.

Would you care to sing along with me? Silently, of course

19 comments on “All I want for Christmas…

  1. Z

    I promise you, I’m being lovely to him and I’m not joking about it at all. I just can’t help that bloody song going through my head. I’m just glad I didn’t click on the Chipmunks’ version.

    And thank you, dearest. I’ll tell him.

  2. Dave

    I’m playing carols as a constant background here, to try to get some sort of Christmassy feel – try that if you want to get a tune out of your mind.

    Obviously there are some hymns you might wish to avoid. ‘Crown him with many crowns’, for instance.

  3. Z

    I didn’t listen all through – I already had it in my mind though.

    I put in a link in case any of you young things didn’t know the song.

    It is a beautiful eye, and rather more in focus than mine. I suppose you took it the same way as I did, by holding the camera at arms length and aiming generally in the direction of your face?

  4. Caitlin

    I’m sure I had a comment but the unexpected picture of Dave’s eye had me laughing so hard I lost my train of thought (not because your eye is funny Dave, but just because you did that).

    One day Z, you will read your comments and every commenter will have a picture of their eye there.

    Sorry about the Sage’s discomfort, hope he’s feeling better soon and able to partake of the Christmas fare with gusto. At least you have lots of Tesco’s booze to dull the pain.

  5. Penny

    When my house burned down in ’95, I went to the pub about 8 hours afterward, where I was a regular and about 10 of my friends/regulars plugged the jukebox playing every song they could find with the word fire in it. ..When it’s far enough in the future for him to laugh about, compile a CD for him:

    Ani Difranco: To The Teeth
    Death Cab for Cutie: Crooked Teeth
    Nina Simone: You Took My Teeth
    The Beautiful South: White Teeth
    Willie Lomax: Give Me Back My Teeth

    Feel Better Soon Sage! 🙂

  6. Z

    Penny, you’re worse than I am!

    He slept soundly all night so he can’t be in too much discomfort. The reason he was so long, one tooth came out easily but the other was rather firmly embedded and it took some effort on the part of the dentist.

  7. Z

    The dentist offered him his teeth, but he decided he didn’t really want a souvenir.

    He’s doing fine, thanks. He even hoovered up the pine needles for me before our guest arrived for lunch.


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