Z wears her prettiest ring

Something of a round-up of stuff from the past week.

1. Can anyone tell me what this plant is? The flowers have a delicately sweet scent.
IMG_2012 IMG_2014








2. That a wasp landed on the newspaper I was using was one thing. That it used it as a lavatory was quite another matter. Behind me, seed pods from the perennial sweet peas popped.








3. I turned out the cupboards in the cloakroom. Amongst the things in there were the tennis racquet I received as a birthday present from my parents at the age of fourteen. Wooden framed, of course and I remember trying to play with it some years ago and finding how much better they are nowadays. I hardened my heart and burned it. If I can’t declutter, how can I ask my husband to? However, I have kept this.









Ronan was nine when he broke his leg and this is his plaster cast. As you see, it fits me lengthwise, though my foot is bigger and my leg fatter – but my lower leg length is that of a nine years and ten months-year-old child. Not just a short arse.

4.  We went to a wedding yesterday.  This is what I wore – a dress that is too young for me, but which I still wear once in a while, and a very pretty ring that I rarely wear because I don’t have much it goes with.  It fits better on my left hand which is smaller – I haven’t taken it off yet, because it needs the application of much baby oil to remove it – my elderly knuckles are getting too big for my rings – but it doesn’t look right with my wedding ring and, though I often wear no jewellery at all, an emerald and no wedding ring on my ring finger gives quite the wrong impression.

IMG_2024 IMG_2028








The wedding was delightful, the brother of the girl whose wedding reception was held here last July (Rupert is theirs, the spaniel who lived with us while they were away celebrating their first wedding anniversary).  Tim is only twenty and still at university, but he and Emma are quite sure of their minds and very much in love.   The age of the parties and the length of a marriage are not the defining factors in whether it is happy, I see no reason for it not to be.  I’ve known people who married in middle age or older and it has worked or it has not, and the same for an early marriage.  I don’t think there’s any one thing that brings lasting happiness, but I wish it for them both.

12 comments on “Z wears her prettiest ring

  1. IndigoRoth

    Hey Z! How is that dress too young for you? You’re lovely in it! And that’s a pretty (and pretty tight) ring! =) Indigo x

  2. Z Post author

    I’ll be sixty next week, dear heart. it’s a young dress. And I have chubby fingers, the ring is quite comfortable once it’s on. I do love it but it’s too big for my little finger, tight on the next one – oh dear!

  3. Mike and Ann

    Quite agree with you Z. Early marriages can work, sometimes more so than more mature ones.
    Agree with Mr Roth, too. That frock suits you.
    Regards, Mike and Ann.

    P.s. Must find something I can disagree with. Makes for more interesting comments.

  4. janerowena

    I don’t suppose you could try to take a photo of the plant without any sun on it? It’s not clear enough to see the petals or the leaves or the growth habit, how tall it is etc.

  5. allotmentqueen

    I’ve still got the plaster cast from when my youngest broke his arm at the age of three. I had to go and pick him up from nursery and then go to my eldest’s leaving ceremony from primary school before going up to the hospital with him. No wonder he was tearful. It’s a fetching shade of green and is tiny. We’ve also got the X-rays.
    If you can find a decent jeweller they should be able to make that ring bigger.

  6. Z Post author

    Sorry Jane, I had a close-up photo too and I thought I’d put it up. I’ve a feeling I’ve deleted it, I’ll have to take another one.

    Thank you for the compliments. maybe I’d better wear it for the next blog party and you can judge for yourselves!

    Poor little tot, AQ. And I’ve got the ring off ok, I’ll see if my fingers lose more weight before going to the jeweller’s. I’m sure I’ve got a couple of pounds yet to go and they’ve got to come from somewhere.

  7. Mike and Ann

    Hello Z. If that plant is down by the river, I’ve a horrid suspicion that it might be Himalayan Balsam, which is a pretty but very invasive plant. We had it here last year and are trying hard to eradicate it this year. Could you put up a more detailed photo please?

  8. Z Post author

    No, I know Himalayan Balsam and it isn’t that. I had it once in a garden, a very dry, dark border down the side of the house and it was lovely and never spread. I didn’t know for years that it was a menace. I’ll take better pics tomorrow.


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