It’s been rather a day of firsts.  Not this morning, when Mary and I spent several hours getting all the paperwork ready to go out to the candidates.  Not all was ready this early in the term and a few more items will go tomorrow, but it’s all gone well, though I found it a bit worrying.  I’d been worried in advance in fact and didn’t sleep more than a couple of hours last night.  But after that –

1.  I rode a motorbike down the drive and back.  I started off towards the barn in the first place, having remembered to start the engine, hold in the clutch, put it in gear, let out the clutch and work the throttle, but not to steer round the bend, but things improved.  I’ve got rather a lot of practice to come yet though.  I know some people find a day of tuition enough before taking their test, but that won’t be me.  Off-road lessons are the way to go.

2. In the evening, I drove to Stansted airport to fetch Weeza and co home from their holiday.  They have been to the South of France, which is a popular destination in the family this year – Ro and Dora went there (not the same part) earlier in the summer.  It was the first holiday they’ve had as a family, the first time the children have been in an aeroplane (well, technically the first time was a week ago when they left).  The hire car was a big hit with Gus.  When it was returned this afternoon, he burst into tears.  His parents couldn’t understand what was wrong.  “They’ve taken my car!” he wept.  This is actually the longest sentence he’s ever uttered.

3.  Until now, I have avoided Gangnam Style.  Zerlina was pleased to introduce me.

4.  I had never heard of KFC chicken corn – what are they called?  Hang on, I’ll google.  Popcorn chicken.  Now I’ve eaten some.  I have no idea why they are so called.

5. “Nice jeans, are they new?” said Weeza.  I said they were.  Size 8, I boasted (though Weeza is far slenderer than I am, four or five pounds less and three inches taller.  I’ve never had skinny jeans before – yes, it’s so that I can get them inside my biker boots (which I haven’t bought yet) and no, my mother would not approve.  I’m not sure I do at my age come to that, but on the other hand I don’t have to answer to anyone and it has finally dawned on me that I can please myself.  Though the Sage is being very supportive of my madcap motorbike scheme.


10 comments on “Firsts!

  1. Roses

    Well done you! Size 8?! Skinny jeans? I’m totally jealous!

    It’s important to do the things mothers wouldn’t approve. It’s how we know we’ve grown up! 🙂

    Besides, I often wonder if mother’s disapproval is down to a teensy-weensy bit of jealousy. They wanted to, but never had the courage or the opportunity.

    You go honey!

  2. Z Post author

    The full monty, LX, of course. I want a bit of swagger (the gear is part of the attraction, has to be said).

    Live for the day, MIke and Ann!

    I do, AQ, but I also live in the sticks and I’m not going to drive for more than half an hour to a fast food place. It must be 25 years or more since I last ate KFC and nothing about it was the same except that chicken was involved. I was aware of Gangnam Style of course, but I didn’t bother to look for it on the internet. My Head is retiring at Christmas too, they have an end of term Pop Mime and I think a few stops will be pulled out this time.

  3. janerowena

    Well! That explains a lot. Particularly with my grandmother.

    I found myself wondering if I too will have a sudden yearning to do something completely different before I hit 60. I used to want to hanglide, but dodgy hips mean that maybe I shall have to settle for a nice sedate balloon ride. In Africa.

  4. Z Post author

    I think it’s circumstances rather than age, Jane. Though hitting 60 does concentrate the mind wonderfully. Now that the pension age has risen so alarmingly, I intend to get my money’s worth though, I shall be a cautious bike rider … oh, who am I kidding? I so hope I’ll love it and zoom around the countryside.


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