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We’re in Reading, heading to Pembrokeshire in the morning. I had my first train journey in nearly two years today. A double journey, of course, that is. The timing was governed by that London trip because I couldn’t face it from Norfolk. The times I’ve been delayed, for whatever reason, have made me want never to do it again, though I suppose I’ll get over it.

A Lowestoft china client had a picture exhibition and he’d invited me to the private opening. Having accepted, I was almost too tired to go, but I didn’t want to let him down, I like his work and Peter Egan was the guest opening the exhibition. Which was the clincher. I went. Tim was quite tired after a long day yesterday, so I went on my own. I’m glad I haven’t lost my London mojo. It was good to just walk around, appreciating it.

I bought a picture. I don’t yet know where we will hang it, nor even in which house. I like it, that’s enough.

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  1. Madeleine

    Last week we learnt the new Elizabeth Line to and from Reading into London is covered by the London Freedom pass although accessing it isn’t so easy from South West London. The easiest train ‘service’ from here to Reading is South Western Railway. Less stressful than driving and parking, useful for meeting friends who live in Great Western Railway territory.

  2. Z Post author

    It’s a sizeable drawing, 3 foot by 2 foot 6, so not really ideal for this house, where I can touch some of the ceilings. But I’ll see when it arrives. He had actually got a leopard painting, but I liked this drawing better.

    If we’re in Reading for any appreciable time, we’ll let you know, Madeleine. Reading West station is very close to Tim’s house and the main station is only a few minutes’ drive. I took a taxi the other night, didn’t want to ask Tim to drive at 8pm to pick me up.


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