Hatch, match and despatch

This is always an emotional week for me. From the 18th to the 24th, there are anniversaries within the family of two births (plus Eloise the cat), two weddings and Russell’s death. Emotional rollercoaster is an overworked term, but it’s not an unreasonable one.

I’ve come to the conclusion, over the years, that one (or maybe I) never ‘get over’ anything, it just gets put in a virtual box and is shut away. The more boxes one has and the older one gets, the harder it is to keep them all safely secured.

Today, Weeza and co went to Banham Zoo to celebrate Gus’s birthday, which was yesterday. When asked what he wanted to do, he wanted to go to the zoo with Rufus, the cousin he adores. So Tim and I went during the afternoon to walk Izzy the dog, who was left on her own all day if not. I suggested going out for lunch, which turned out to be a mistake. We wanted to go to a nice restaurant in Cromer – probably would be wise to book but we decided to wing it. They have an upstairs smart restaurant, where there was a good chance of a lunchtime table, a downstairs fish restaurant where there would probably be a queue and a takeaway chippie. Surely we’d be lucky with one of them?

I daresay we would have been. However, Cromer was stacked with cars. We tried three car parks and couldn’t get in to any of them. Nor was there space on any of the roadsides. We searched for half an hour and gave up. We hoped to find a roadside pub or café – but no. So we thought we’d call in at a supermarket in North Walsham – there’s a Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose, apparently – well, we drove past the Waitrose with too many cars behind to stop suddenly, as it wasn’t visible until we were right there, and we couldn’t find the other two, not even with the satnav. Finally, we went back to Weeza’s and raided her supplies of cheese, biscuits and pickles. And Phil’s beer, which he thought he’d squirrelled away but we have a nose for that sort of thing.

Izzy was very happy to see us; no guard dog is she and I took her for walks. She didn’t want to go far, so I didn’t take the wild flower photos I’d wanted. It was starting to rain by 4 o’clock, so her final walk was a short one – her decision, not mine.

Weeza and co are coming over tomorrow, we’ll have seen each other as much this week as we have all year.

5 comments on “Hatch, match and despatch

  1. Blue Witch

    It’s strange, but I find my virtual boxes are wide open as I get older and I don’t care about them as I once did. “Don’t let the past be your future,” is something that someone of repute must have said. If not, I claim it!

    The parking in Cromer is always diabolical at the best of times.

    1. Z Post author

      I care less because I daren’t do anything else. If the boxes collapsed, I don’t know what would happen. Suicide or a complete breakdown, probably. I can be very open within safe parameters.

  2. Blue Witch

    I suppose, as someone who’s been ‘down to the bottom’ as they say, I know how bad it can get, so the boxes are now all lid-less anyway. Safer that way 🙂


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