Z visits a friend

Yesterday, today and tomorrow – and Sunday too, if there’s still boxes to be unpacked.  It’s tough work, being a friend of Z, once I start calling round there’s no stopping me.  And Roses has to keep buying me chips and cider too.

This evening, I’m listening to the Proms and reading the papers.  An early night, I think, will follow, so please excuse the short post.

10 comments on “Z visits a friend

  1. Z

    Ssh, Jane, neither of them has noticed yet.

    I did, Mago – the moving of the furniture was the hottest day of the year, thank goodness there were stronger people than I am to help.

    One last heave, as Ted Heath once disconcertingly put it, Zig!

  2. Z

    Of course, BW. I decluttered this whole house last year. You might not have thought so, but you should have seen it before I started. Mind you, R has undermined my efforts completely in two rooms since then and my study is a tip by my own efforts, but even so.


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