Have Blogger and WordPress fallen out?  I’ve written comments on Mig’s and Mago’s blogs and neither has appeared.  I don’t know if they’re languishing in a spam folder or have vanished altogether but sorry, darlings, I’m not ignoring you but am unable to help it.

Tomorrow, three meetings for entirely unrelated organisations.  And I’m taking the minutes for two of them, which wasn’t very well planned – though the first was arranged in December, the second a month ago, but it’s the third, only set a fortnight ago, which actually matters most, but which I’m not minuting – so all three it is.  But it means that only one day is messed up instead of three, so I don’t really mind.

Things I’d like to talk about have to remain confidential, so I’m finding myself stuck for much to say.  Maybe I’ll try to delve back into childhood memories, because a good many of you seem to like that – but I’m not sure if I remember anything more.  I dunno.  Maybe one of you could suggest something?

Russell has taken to bringing me tea in bed, which is very kind but I rarely drink it.  He brings the wrong tea, sadly.  I like a range of teas and tisanes and have at least a dozen on the go, but first thing in the morning it has to be proper tea – that is, it could be one of several, such as Earl Grey, Lapsang, Rose Pouchong or, at a pinch, straightforward PG Tips, but not peppermint or camomile tea or, as he’s been bringing recently, Rooibos.  Is that how you spell it?  Redbush tea.  It’s fine, I quite like it, but it’s wrong at that time of day.  But after several mornings, it seems churlish to say anything, so I’m just quietly tipping it away and have resolved not to buy any more for a while.

I mention it because he’s just brought me a cup of tea now.  Yup, Rooibos, and the smell of it first thing in the morning has put me off altogether.  Fortunately, he went outside for a few minutes, so I nipped through to the kitchen, threw it away and made a cup of Lady Grey instead.  I wonder if he’s drinking the same – I mean, if he really likes it, I suppose I’ll have to buy it again and tell him I’ve gone off it a bit.  I put the tin behind the superior teas yesterday, but he hauled it out again, so it is a deliberate choice.  

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  1. Mike and Ann

    Odd that. I drink Rooibos?Redbush, because I’m not supposed to drink tea?coffee (medical advice) and I really like it, but Ann’s reaction to it is much the same as yours. People either love it or loathe it. I like it, although I’m told it’s very good for me.

  2. Z

    I used to quite like it, but I’ve been faced with it every morning for a week now, though I only drank it the first day, and it’ll be a long time before I want it again.

  3. 63mago

    Akismet-the-spamkiller sent your comment to the sandbox. It does this to comments that contain more than two links – at least that is what I know. Your comment had no links at all and your comments went through already earlier without any complications. I am sorry, Z, I have no idea what the program decided to do and why.

    Your tea reminds me of a story/situation Watzlawick once told.

  4. Liz

    I’ve just had major problems commenting on my own blog. I suspect the ap on my phone was responsible. When I then tried to log in via Sir Bruin’s laptop, blogger kindly informed me that it had deleted my blog. Charming! I think I have successfully re-activated it now though.

    I very rarely drink tea; if I have a hot drink it is usually just hot water.

  5. Z

    I think Rog has been having problems with WordPress too, as well as me and John.

    If ever Blogger deleted this blog, I’d be so upset. Seven and a half years of my life!

  6. Z

    I drink weak black tea and I can take or leave the straightforward stuff which, when made weak, doesn’t have much flavour. Anyway, he brought Lady Grey this morning, so I was happy.

    I might have known, BW. I might have known.

  7. dinahmow

    WordPress and Blogger do not play nicely.Blogger often makes us WP-ers go through 7 or 8 verifications.
    Also, as Liz suggested, sometimes all these fancy-dancy apps so many people use do weird things.One friend says she cannot comment from her phone.
    I should try pouring some Lapsang Souchong over the keyboard!

  8. Indigo Roth

    Hey Z! I must admit I always dread the WordPress login page when I want to leave comments. It fights me, it does. As for Rooibos, I agree; literally not my cup of tea. Indigo x

  9. nick

    I’m having problems with every WordPress blog at the moment. Comments either disappear altogether or get thrown into a spam folder. And sometimes I get the message “you’re commenting too fast – slow down”, whatever that may mean.

    I think you should make your morning tea preference clear – in a tactful way obviously.

  10. Z

    I sometimes have to rewrite wv several times too. There doesn’t seem to be a perfect answer, you’d think they’d just ask us what want because I’m sure we’d all agree.


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