Z turns on the charm

A Business Call this morning on someone whom we’ve known for years but who has always rather disregarded me. This hasn’t ever bothered me in the least as his business is with the Sage, not me, but today I decided to charm him. In an understated and unflirtatious way, but just sufficiently overt for him to know I was taking the trouble, you know?

Yeah, he really likes me now.

10 comments on “Z turns on the charm

  1. Z

    Letting someone know you like them is more flattering than flirting with them or paying meaningless compliments.
    The hint of cynicism there (I like ‘sincasm’, Laurel) was mainly aimed at myself, because I achieved the effect I’d intended. I played a part, although not an insincere one.

  2. Z

    Boy, I will never try to put one over on you. You are too sharp.

    A bit of both. Plus I was being friendly. No risk that he will be inclined to like me ‘too much,’ it’s a more professional relationship than that.

  3. Pat

    Z: as a somewhat bolshir type I recognise the slight irritation at being disregarded, especially by a man. Trouble is I find it very hard to dissemble.

  4. Z

    Pat, you too are very acute. There was never anything to take offence at as such, but one likes to be thought worth a little effort. However, I rather like breaking down the barricades of reserved people.

    I can dissemble quite well, the only sign of my extreme displeasure is that I become awfully polite.

    Not among friends, of course.

  5. Z

    Darling, you only have to be yourself for anyone to like you very much indeed. But sometimes one needs a public face, to disguise the fact that one is nervous.

    Being interested in the person you are speaking to is the main thing. Behave as if you are confident and people will think that you are.

    If you watch people and listen to them you will soon see who is getting it right and who isn’t and why, and learn from that.


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