Z spends Quality Time

This evening, Ro and I have been talking. I will not call him taciturn, though he is not the most chatty of individuals, but he does open out if the opportunity arises and he is good company. Really, I had quite a lot of work to do which I had foolishly neglected during the day – that which I did do was deeply boring and so I deserved some entertainment, as I am a flibbertigibbet and a dilettante, but I have also a dutiful and puritan streak that means I feel obliged to catch up eventually. But Quality Time with a family member is far more important.

So I am, as they say, All Behind Like A Cow’s Tail.

I’m going to be careful in the future about posting a half-story. You all picked up on what I’d left out and quizzed me about it. That is fair enough and I enjoy not being allowed to get away with things, but maybe it should be a lesson learned. The thing is, I can say anything about myself, but I do try not to say things about others that I’d be sorry if they read. I slip from that sometimes, but I do bear it in mind.

Only half past nine, so I will finally get to work.

Laters, darlings.

9 comments on “Z spends Quality Time

  1. Pat

    I also try not to say anything nasty – at least to temper it a little. Sometimes it’s hard when trying to paint a true picture. Don’t want to end up being a total Goody Two shoes – whoever she was!

  2. Z

    Exactly, sometimes I read a post that I’ve written and it seems awfully cosy, which isn’t the impression I want to give of myself at all.

    Sad pedantic woman that I am, I googled ‘Goody Two Shoes’ and came up with this

    What passed for entertainment in 1765, eh?

  3. Wendz in France

    Goody two shoes? Have I missed something?

    I may have been out of the loop for a few days but I HAVE read all the posts and can’t see anything related to being good. Humf!

    Anyway – do tell all re the mystery business man. Spice up my life, woman!

  4. Z

    Well Wendz, you’re not likely to read anything here about being good.

    The mystery business man is entirely charming and now we are very good friends. What more could I possibly say?

  5. Anonymous

    Personally, I like the ‘cosy’ feel you project. I have an almost opposite life to yours so am happy to bathe in the greener grass. You’re writing is good enough to hint that there is more to you than cosiness. But hey, when did cosy become bad? Am enjoying your anecdotes. Write on…..
    (Major Anus commenter ;-))

  6. Anonymous

    Intersting stories about your family Z. I’m pleased to learn of someone else referring to their mother as Mummy, as my mother also dislikes being called mum or mother, so I have been brought up to call her Mummy. I couldn’t imagine calling her anything but Mummy afer 33 years of doing so, but I hope that doesn;t make me a ‘mummy’s boy’!


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