Z tries to resist more temptation

Today, I’ve written an email that mattered, had a long chat on the phone with a friend – there was information to tell about a friend who’s just been diagnosed with cancer, as well as general conversation.  She’s just taken on her late mother-in-law’s cat and is doubtful whether she can keep her – a dear little cat and she’s very fond of her, but she and her husband are away a lot and both their children’s partners are allergic to cats, so it’s not that easy.  I sympathised – I don’t want to give away my tabby barn cat, so I can understand.  If she does want to rehome Jenny, I asked her to send me a photo so I can see if my friend’s sister might consider her instead of the tabby.  The other email I’ve written was to accept an invitation to a friend’s birthday party next month.  How jolly.

The other fabulously jolly thing was opening today’s post, which was a present from Mike and Ann, that they’d brought back from Sweden and forgotten to give me when I was with them.  It’s (I think, I haven’t yet opened it) salty liquorice and – this is FANTASTIC – salty liquorice chocolate.  I ate several pieces as part of breakfast and, I’m afraid, I’ve eaten some since.  I should be saving it, eking it out, but I can’t.  That is, I’ve only eaten about a quarter of it – no, I won’t eat any more tonight.  I’ll try not to, anyway.

6 comments on “Z tries to resist more temptation

  1. Mike Horner

    Hello Zoe. Glad you like it. It sounds such an odd mixture. We know you have a taste for the Dutch salt liquorice, and salt liquorice is very popular in Sweden – it’s an aquired taste. We meant to slip it to you when you were with us. I think we’re both getting rather forgetful. It was lovely having you here.
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

  2. Roses

    My tuppence-worth is keep the tabby. He’s a barn cat.

    Far better your friend has a socialised, house trained cat.

    Plus, you like him loads and loads. (and he is really cute).

  3. Scarlet

    I love liquorice… but only last week I read that you shouldn’t eat a lot of it in one go as it can play havoc with your blood pressure. But I like it, and I would probably have done the same as you.

  4. tim

    Hang on – “I haven’t yet opened it” and “I ate several pieces as part of breakfast”? Does not compute – unless you bit through the packaging, of course.

  5. Z Post author

    I don’t think that salt, liquorice and chocolate would have occurred to me as a combination, but they do go well together. Scarlet, it’s mostly chocolate with snippets of liquorice in, so I didn’t really eat much overall, but I wouldn’t have cared anyway. I suppose I might if I normally had high blood pressure, but that’s not the case.

    Tim, darling, there were two presents – salt liquorice and chocolate with salt and liquorice. I haven’t yet opened the former.

    I’m really torn, Roses, maybe the tabby would like to be a house cat. And what about if/when I sell here? But I am very fond of him.

    1. tim

      Glad you cleared that up.
      Also glad for the blood pressure tip – mine’s probably going to be a bit on the high side once I get my results next week, so I’ll make sure my liquorice intake doesn’t increase from its present level (zero), which won’t be difficult as I don’t much like the stuff.


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